UEN Bike Tour through the Dunes 2018

In good UEN fashion, we had a fantastic day on Saturday 26 May when we met at The Hague Station for your traditional UEN Bike Tour. We started with 9 enthusiastic UEN members and headed direction Madurodam, where we met the 10th member of the group, Anamaria Suciu, who was our guide from then on.

After the first picture moments we cycled into the dunes into direction Katwijk. As flat as Holland is, the dunes are definitely not so flat, so we had a couple of substantial climbs. We also stopped and climbed up the viewing points to have an overview of the dunes and The Hague in the background.

Once we had arrived in Katwijk, we decided to cycle the 5 extra km to Noordwijk, where we enjoyed our well-deserved lunch in one of the beach clubs. After lunch it was time to cycle back but unfortunately we had an OV-fiets with a flat tire.

So, part of the group solved the problem at hand while the other went back to The Hague. The way back was very hot, cycling into the sun. So a big ice-cream was the reward at the end of the trip ;-)

Please have a look on our photo gallery for all pictures