THANK YOU for your effort to live a sustainable lifestyle

Some weeks ago, we not only changed the look&feel of the UEN in the web, but also started the UEN Sustainability Challenges, which are tipps, how to live a more sustainable life. More Info.
We believe, that we – who consume the world´s resources – are responsible and have to take immediate action to save the earth not only for us, but also for our children and not leave all the responsibility to companies. More Info about the Earth capacity and why small acts, make a huge difference. 

So far we send you 6 different sustainability challenges. And more will follow.

As we know from our own experience, that changing lifestyle and behavior is quite difficult, we think, that this is a good moment to say:


for your effort.

Your UEN Sustainability Team

PS: We try to be better everyday. And feedback is one of the greatest motivation. So send / post / write us your feedback, comments, thoughts ….