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Review: Beach Event 22 June 2017

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  • 26 June 2017

After checking the weather forecast of Monday before the Beach Event, we were very happy and looking forward to another succesful UEN Beach Event on Thursday 22 June. It was a very hot week with high temperatures and lots of sunshine, what better can there be than to meet up with fellow expats at the beach and have a cold drink at the end of the day.

But it wasn’t to be. When leaving for the beach, I was cought in heavy rain and traffic jams because of the unexpected downpour. On the way there my phone did not stand still, lots messages from members telling me they won’t be able to join because of just that turn of the weather. I was dreading for the worst… but once I arrived in The Hague, the rain had stopped and I could walk without using my umbrella towards the beach club Blue Lagoon. Once there,  a couple of early birds who had already been welcomed by our committee member Anamaria Suciu greeted me.

As we had taken precautians for “not-so-good-weather”, we had reserved inside space as well. This resulted in us having a really nice and cosy corner on the closed veranda. One after the other member dropped in with partner or family and we ended up with a nice group of UEN members and about 15 children. Some of the children had kites and made use of the strong winds others carefully go acquainted with another and stayed on the veranda. Between the UEN members there was a lot of chatting going on getting to know each other.

The really nice pizzas (from the Club’s own outside pizza oven) and some other snacks (bitterballen not to be missed) were welcomed by all hungry participants, young or old. It seemed that every one who came had a really good time and we were spoiled later on by the sun coming out again.

At the same, time there was another party in the beach club, from the PVDA and some well-known Dutch politians, like Jeroen Dijsselbloen, Jet Klijnsma and Lodewijk Asher were there. Some of us managed to get a selfie with the Finance Minister Jeroen Dijsselbloem. It was a lot of fun.

All in all, it was a happy evening with lots of laughter and chatting. Please check out the pictures on our photo gallery.






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