Review: Beach Event 2018

After some rainy days and a lot of crossing fingers and praying to the weather gods, Thursday 13 of September arrived with lots of sunshine and that was exactly what we hoped for for our Annual UEN Beach Event.

This year the UEN Beach Event team consisting of Anamaria Suciu, Paola v/d Voorn and Eva Montuori chose beach club Twins as venue.

About 60 persons of 15 different nationalities (Brazil was leading) and 18 kids attended and made it a great party with a happy and cheerful atmosphere. As already said, the sun was spoiling us, the venue was easy to find and comfortable, the staff was very friendly providing everyone with drinks and delicious snacks. And the cherry on the cake was a beautiful sunset.

The party lasted much longer than intended, so really a good sign. So please come and join us next year! See you at the beach ;-)


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