Living in the Netherlands – Some Statistics

Best European City 2015.

Rotterdam has officially been awarded “the best European city of 2015” by International Academy of Urbanism from London.  Here is a link to an aerial video that was taken by Eric van Vuren, a proud Rotterdammer and photographer to show the best highlights Rotterdam has to offer.  Link

According to Unicef’s most recent Child Well Being in Rich Countries survey, Dutch kids ranked as the happiest kids in the world. Dutch kids led the way in three out of the five categories, namely- material well being, educational well being, and behavior and risks.

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Happiest Kids in the World

Happiest Kids in the World 2

And more great rankings of the Netherlands.

  • Place 4 World Happiness Report: Holland is on the 4thplace as one of the happiest nations. Link
  • Place 4 Human Development Index. This is a development index based on poverty, analphabetism, education and life expectancy. Link
  • Place 9 World Prosperity Index. It measures wealth, economic growth and quality of life.but it is quite an interesting index with a shuffle board where you can clearly see in what NL is doing better or worth.Link
  • Place 8 of the top 10 best countries on earth. U.S. has ranked a list of top 100 best countries around the world based on five categories: Education, Health, Quality of Life, Economic Dynamism and Political Environment. Link
    • And if you look at the highest quality of life, Holland is even ranking higher. Link
    • Also is Holland a foreigner friendly country :-) Link