Volunteering is a good alternative to paid employment. You will have the chance to meet new people, you might have the chance to learn Dutch, build your self-confidence and start building your own network. Contributing to a good cause will give you the opportunity to gain experience which eventually might help you to find paid work.
Especially The Hague has unique opportunities with about 140 organizations involved in peace.
Please find here a list of volunteering positions:
  • Humanitas   –  This organisation works with thousands of volunteers. It has a large variety of vacancies for volunteers.
  • Children’ International Summer villages  –  Within this organization you can become active in the Junior Branch. It arranges JB weekends and helps organize summer and winter camps.
  • Plan Netherlands     –   This organisation is part of Plan International. It is an organisation that seeks to provide help for children in developing countries. You can help by informing school children about the groups  work or by setting up a regional information point. It is possible to organise specific activities as well. There are job posting on the website if you add /vrijwilliger you will get there directly
  • Volunteer intermediation  –  This is a large organisation that intermediates between organisations and volunteers. It has 130 local contact points and serve over three million volunteers. It offers local, national and virtual voluntary work. Here are the links for Rotterdam, The Hague, Delft and Amsterdam
  • Nederland Cares – this is an organization that concentrates on finding flexible voluntary positions for young professionals
  • Volunteers in The Hague    –   Promotes volunteerism. The site presents useful information on voluntary work!
  • ACCESS  – Non-profit organisation supporting the expat community in the Netherlands.
  • Voedselbank (food pantry)  – This is a voluntary organisation that provides food to the poor! Unilever is one of their sponsors. Unfortunately the website is only in Dutch.
 Other ideas for voluntary work:
  • At the school of your children
  • At the International Club (you might be a member of)
  • At sports clubs, they are always looking for volunteers!
  • Churches, Community theatres, museums and monuments
  • Libraries and senior help centers
  • Restoration activities for parks and other public spaces


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