Why living a more sustainable life is important for everyone of us.

We are using I.5 times the available capacity Earth has for generating food, fiber, timber, fish stock and absorbing greenhouse gases. (Source: WWF, Global Footprint, 2014). And it is expected that humanity will require the bio-capacity of THREE planets well before mid-century.


Your Impact is probably higher than you think

A carbon footprint can be defined as the greenhouse gas emission you cause, based on the entire value chain of your actions. Learn more about your personal carbon footprint and the greenhouse effect. READ MORE

We believe, that we - who consume the world ́s resources - are responsible and have to take immediate action to save the earth not only for us, but also for our children. We believe that, if all of us take small actions, we make real big differences.

How the UEN can help you to live a more sustainable life.

Many people think, that an individual or a family has no effect on this massive challenge the world is facing, but, together our small action can make a big difference.

The UEN wants to support you, with small tips, on how to convert to a more sustainable lifestyle and how to reduce your ecological footprint and in most of the cases save money at the same time. We soon realized, that changing habits is not so easy after all.
That is why we called these tips Sustainability Challenges.

How to succeed with a sustainability challenge.

We will send you a sustainability challenge. To succeed, you have to do nothing more than commit to implement your sustainability challenge. Some will take only 10 minutes, some will take a bit longer. We found out, that it is best that you set yourself a fixed time within these two weeks to realize your sustainable challenge and make a big difference.

Please send Michael a message, if you want to learn more about the sustainability challenges.