Planning to work in the Netherlands (for partners)

The Netherlands will offer you plenty of opportunities and a chance to achieve your aims, provided that you have a good idea of what you would like to do, but at the time have a flexible attitude.

Finding a job is possible, below we have listed the top recruitment agencies for Internationals as well as the top multinationals that are to be found in The Netherlands and that offer jobs to Internationals even if they don’t speak Dutch.

The other options you might consider is voluntary work, or carry on further studies or do something completely different and of course, to learn Dutch to be able to work in a local company. With this document we try to give you a good insight to all the options.


How to find a job

There are four ways of finding a job:

  • Through advertisement on the Internet (both on jobsites and websites of the employers) and in the printed press

  • Through employment and recruitment agencies

  • By means of open application

  • By networking (see later in the document)

The best advice is to try all four! The other advice we would like to give you is to have an updated LinkedIn account, so that you could send a link to your on-line CV in case you consider an open application.

Do you need Career Advice?

Then you might want to get in touch with Global Connection. They have provided excellent carreer advice to some of our UEN members before. You can read the personal experience of  our member Irena Tullis below.


We can also recommend Teresa Moynihan to you. Teresa is connected to ACCESS but also has her own Consultancy:

Moynihan HR Consulting
Bringing People Together
+31 (0)6 2665 4708

Here is a list of recruitment agencies:


Multinationals in NL:


There are also European Headquarters of Heinz, Mars and Siemens in the Netherlands, Heinz has their office in Zeist and Mars is in Veghel, in the South of Netherlands, Siemens’ headquarter is in The Hague, they have office in more locations in NL.
Friesland Campina is a Dutch company; the board is Dutch but they employ Internationals.

Other employers for Internationals are:



with vacancy listings



Some of the following have a section on vacancies – in some cases fairly limited or largely voluntary:

Networking Clubs

Higher Education


Starting your own company

Self-employment is becoming more and more poplar in the Netherlands. On the following link you can read all that is necessary to know and you can also download a handbook
The Kamer van Koophandel (chamber of commerce) has also information in English available on

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