Welcome to Den Haag!

We have produced this guide to give you some practical help when you first arrive to make settling in an easy and painless event.
A very useful website is http://www.denhaag.nl/en.htm
This supplies you with up-to-date information on your new home town! You can also visit the International Visitor Centre at the Municipality of The Hague. They also organize welcoming/orientation meetings 3 or 4 times a year.
The municipality also offers a WhatsApp service: you can send your question to Telephone: 0621300280 in the time between 8.30 and 17.30h.
Or try ACCESS, an English-speaking information service on 070-346 2525,http://www.access-nl.org/
Good luck! If you discover something yourself that you think might be of use to others, please pass on the information to Monika.voster@unilever.com, and likewise if you find any of the following information to be incorrect.

General Information
Whatever part of The Hague you live in, the best information source found is of the town hall (Gemeente Den Haag) www.denhaag.nl which has translations into many languages as well as in depth useful information and a great monthly newsletter (in English) of what is on.  
The main job related activities in The Hague are that of diplomacy, governmental ministries, Shell, and peace; with over 100 organizations related to peace like the International Courts and Carnegie’s Peace Palace.  There are also many European regional centers such as the European space research agency, European patent office, European Police, the European science and research organization and European House. This means that there are many foreign language and expat specific services like schools, childcare, leisure, social clubs. Even the tram and bus announcements are in both Dutch and English!  Most of the expatriate clubs like Access and ICP are in The Hague. Other resources for expatriates are listed in the link: https://www.denhaag.nl/en.htm
Connection to the rest of Holland and Europe
Connection to Rotterdam Central Station is mainly through Central Station or Holland Spoor station but there are also other smaller and less frequent service stations like Mariahoeve etc.
For public transport please refer to https://9292.nl/
By car it is about 30 minutes to Rotterdam and also 30 minutes to Schiphol Airport, Amsterdam
The Rotterdam/The Hague airport is even closer and has a great European connectivity.

Do- it- Yourself and Professional Help

Please find below tips from other members:

  • Dienstenwinkel (Tel 070-360 1465)
    The Dienstenwinkel hires out oddjob men by the hour. They will do any small jobs around the house, e.g. hang curtain rails and pictures, shower rails and mend broken doors etc. If in doubt, ask when you phone up and check the hours needed to complete the job.
  • DIY shopping try  www.doe-het-zelf.nl
DIY shops in Den Haag
•        Locks and keys
  • Saco (24 hours) at De Genestetlaan 249 (Tel 070-393 4249 or 06-2210 4001)
  •  A.A.D. Slotenspecialist (24 hours) at Soestdijksekade 525 (Tel 070-366 5129)
  • Broekman Sloten Specialisten ,  Da Costastraat 2A ( tel  070 322 2834)
  •  Hinfelaar, Kobaltstraat 18 (Tel 070-366 8833) www.hinfelaar.nl
  •  ELECTRICIAN Willem – can also set up TV and internet wires and cable box, Tel. 0618470470
  • PLUMBER Rob Touwborst 0703874528
  • Amba-Tech, Zoutkeetsingel 13 (Tel 015 361 8627 / 0655844461). http://www.amba-tech.nl/ However, be prepared to wait!
  • Sima Installatietechniek, Looierslaan 99, 2272 BJ Voorburg (Tel 070-387 3355): 24-hour plumber, good for heating, washing machines etc. http://www.simainstallatie.nl/
  • GALVAN CONSTRUCTION: Ramon Galvan/ Bankastraat 117 /2585 EK  Den Haag /Tel:         070 351 2109 / Mobiel: 06 5583 6780 / galvan472@gmail.com
  • BUILDER Ted Duivestijn 0653142700



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Other useful telephone numbers:
  • Firewood Delivery  0620399048
  • APPLE COMPUTER Guy at LJS 0703648648 is also a whizz at setting up your internet including WiFi
  • Mobike Phone Repair 0708200304
  • PC Repair 0703259038   or 0703641084
  • COFFEE MACHINE www.espressissimo.nl
  • COURIER by bike Fietsexpress 0623182689
  • Printer Ink delivery https://www.123inkt.nl/
  • White Good reconditioned 0105213063, new at Media Markt
  • TAXI 0703907722
  • Chimney Sweep:   0651224380
  • GAS for your BBQ delivered to your house: 0703948855

Dog Groomer (Trim Salon) Goudvis, Stuyvesantplain 12, 2593 EK Den Haag, 06 10125900, http://www.de-goudvis.nl/trimsalon.php

Domestic Help

It can be difficult to find reliable cleaners/ironers. You can try advertising (and look for ads) on the School noticeboards and just ask neighbours, colleagues and friends. You can try:

  • Domestic outsourcing, www.domestic-outsourcing.nl 070 306 5040
  • Noblehive: Housekeeping services:
  • www.noblehive.com or 0625134163
  • Charly’s Cleaning Service
    Tel: 062 669 2593
  • Window Cleaning:  Nico 0653380905  or  0683443158



The best streets for shopping are Frederickstraat (the Fred), Denneweg and Hooikade, Lange Voorhout, Noordeinde and Molenstraat and these streets follow each other nicely.   The King’s working palace is on Noordeinde, and his stables and park the next block over.

The Dutch don’t really go in for shopping precincts UK style, but the nearest equivalent is Leidsenhage on Heuvelweg in Leidschendam. www.leidsenhage.nl (this is currently renovated and will open its doors again in 2019 as Mall of the Netherlands)

The main Department stores are Bijenkorf and Hema.

The following stores have a good selection of British and American products:

  • JJL van Dijk en Zoon: Grocery store in The Hague with British and American canned foods and cereals. Fresh vegetables, milk and meats. Selection of wines. Ursulaland 80, 2591 AH Den Haag, Tel: 070 385 6465
  • Kelly’s Expat Shops – The Hague & Wassenaar
  • Expat grocery stores in The Hague area. Popular food items from the UK, USA, Australia, Canada. Online shopping. Local delivery. Starbucks, Cap’n Crunch, Twinings Tea. Zoutmanstraat 22a, 2518 GP Den Haag and Luifelbaan 50, 2242 KV Wassenaar, Tel: 070 346 9753/ 070 511 8729 http://kellys-expat-shopping.nl/
  • WINE online delivery www.wijnoutlet.nl
  • Nice BREAD at the Marqt supermarket opposite parliament, and 3 minutes walk from Spui where the Den Haag city council is
  • BEST SUPERMARKET other than Marqt or the Natuurwinkel for organics and Albert Heijn for local basic is Sligro Wholesaler. You can get a day pass when you show your Unilever ID card at the entrance and  Sligro Forepark  is definitely worth a visit. http://www.sligro.nl/vestigingen/sligro-den-haag-forepark.htm

After-hours shopping

  • Albert Heijn at the corner of Waldeck Pyrmontkade and Laan van Meerdervoort
  • De Avondgrutte, Javastraat 27
  • Knight Markt, corner of Koninginnegracht and Zoutmanstraat
  • De Engel, Spui 227
  • Nachtwacht, Keizerstraat 43
  • Jumbo, during the week open until 22h and on Sundays from 12-19h.You can also order and get food delivered from Albert Heijn via the Internet. www.ah.nlLate-night shopping is Thursday night. Some shops open at 12 noon (or earlier) on Sundays, particularly in the centre of Den Haag. Please note that most shops in Den Haag do not open until 11.00 or 12 noon on Mondays! 

More shopping:

Curtains and fabrics:
  • Try shops on the Frederikstraat, Noordeinde and Hoogstraat. Also try the Bijenkorf (Grote Marktstraat),  Jencikova (Lange Poten), Hema, Kwantum and IKEA off the A13 motorway at Delft.
  • On Tuesdays at the market in Wassenaar there is a stall specializing in fabrics for interior decorating, which is known for quality and excellent prices. They may also be able to help with names of people who can make the curtains.
  • Jacqueline: 0650665590
    Floors and carpets
  • Try small shops such as on the Frederikstraat, and other “shopping streets” or Bierens at the Waldeck Pyrmontkade 676. Also, Carpetright in Binckhorstlaan. IKEA also stocks wooden flooring and will provide the name of a fitter, but be prepared to wait for fitting!
 Electrical goods
  • Modern, chain of electrical shops with branches on Grote Marktstraat, Den Haag and in the Leidsenhagen
  • BCC in Neherkade and Oude Haagweg and the Leidsenhagen
  • Media Markt, Grote Marktstraat near the Bijenkorf Department store and in the De Bogaarde Shopping Centre in Rijswijk. Stocks large and small electrical items, computers, telephones, cameras, games consoles and more.
  • Small electrical appliances such as kettles and hairdryers can be bought at all branches of Blokker.
    2nd Hand large kitchen appliances:

    A.Mooy, Weimarstraat 205 and 211 (tel. 070 360 2335)

    Free delivery, 3 months’ warranty and excellent service.


Furniture can be bought at several stores around town, but be prepared to wait for delivery, particularly at the smaller stores (typically 12 weeks). There is also the inevitable IKEA at the Delft junction of the A13 motorway. For a really good selection of furniture shops try the Alexandrium Woonmall (shopping center with about 55 furniture shops) on the A20 in Rotterdam going towards Dordrecht – it’s also home to Toys ‘R Us and some electrical superstores.

For items for the home from curtains, carpets, furniture to pots and pans try the Megastores (www.megastores.nl) a shopping mall specializing in products for the home. I t can be found behind the Holland Spoor (HS) Railway station.

Garden centres
 Try the local florist! There are also large garden centers at:
  • Wassenaar: on the N44 just after the Voorschoten crossroads
  • Ockenburgh: Loosduinse Hoofdstraat 875, before the junction for Hoek van Holland
  • Europatuin   Veursestraatweg 292b, Leidschendam
  • Hornbach     S’Gravenzandseweg 71-72, Wateringen (take the Hoek van Holland exit off the A4 south of Rijswijk) www.hornbach.com
  • Gardener needed: Luc: 0623411286

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