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Monkeytown Bleiswijk by Sonja Kaal

Do your children have excess energy on those long, rainy days? Then Monkeytown may be a place to go! It is a smallish, but excellent indoor playground located in Bleiswijk (close to Rotterdam). It aims at children up to 12 years and has a special area for the very young ones (under four’s). 
While the parents can read a book and enjoy a cup of coffee the kids can play in the ball pools, climb the play structures, slide on one of the many slides, jump on the  trampoline, etc. They even have a small racetrack with electrical cars (which cost extra, I must add). Because the play area is in the back half of the location it is reasonably easy to keep an eye on your little ones. 
Prices are fair as only the kids have to pay (EUR 7), all accompanying adults are free. Please note that as with all indoor playgrounds it becomes crowded in the weekends. A good tip is to arrive at about 4 pm (it is open until six) as many families leave before that.
They also organize birthday parties, but I haven’t checked that out yet. But you see them running around on treasury hunts and it looks like they are always having fun ;-). 
Check out for more details. 
The visiting address is Kooilaan 1A in 2665 KR Bleiswijk (I think you need a car to get  there).

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Het Geertje Geitenboerderij

Goats’ Farm in Zouterwoude 

Do your children love animals? Then this is a real treat for children up to the age of 10 years.  This is the time of year when you can see the first lambs on the farm and feed them goats milk. You can buy little bottles and the kids can go into the stables and sit amongst all those baby-goats and feed and cuddle them! There is a nice tea room on the farm which offers the Dutch assortment, ranging from pancakes, “appelgebak” to home-made goats-milk ice-cream. And there is an even nicer shop with lots of cheeses, yoghurt, biological food and all kind of nice Dutch products, mustard, honey, jams etc. 
Also great for children’s parties and holiday activities… 
Geerweg 7 
071 580 2642

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