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Do you need information about schools, houses, etc.? Are you looking for a babysitter? At every stage of your expatriation we can assist you with the information you need. And every Friday you will receive a newsletter with selected events for the upcoming weekend.
We offer voluntary support through the members network, members knowing through their own experiences that expatriation and returning, while an exciting challenge, can nevertheless be a daunting task.
We provide social opportunities for members to meet and to build a new network. The Unilever Expatriate Network has grown into a big organization of over 700 members from more than 30 different nations.

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Monika Voster can put you in touch with any person in the network, provided that the member concerned has given her/his agreement to release personal data 
(Mail to Monika.Voster@unilever.com).

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To become a member you can register online by clicking here or by sending a mail to Monika Voster (mail to Monika.Voster@unilever.com).


Advantages for UEN members
As UEN member you get:
  • Newsletter about our lives as a Unilever Expat in the Netherlands
  • Newsletter „What to do at the weekend“, with a useful selection of attractive events in the Netherlands
  • Access to all useful information on the website,
  • Invitation to all events organized by the Unilever Expatriate Network nationally or locally
  • Contact with other UEN members
How to become a member
By the term ‘expatriate’, we mean all foreigners coming to work for Unilever in the Netherlands, regardless of type of contract:
  • Partners of Unilever expatriate employees
  • Unilever locally recruited foreigners and their partners
  • Partners of Unilever repatriates coming back after one or more assignments abroad
  • Unilever expatriate or repatriate employees here on their own
  • Expatriate partners working for Unilever or another company can be members as well
  • All nationalities are welcome.

To become a member you can register online by clicking here or by sending a mail to Monika Voster (mail to Monika.Voster@unilever.com).

History of the Unilever Expatriate Network

In 1987 the Unilever Expatriate Network was set up by four women from three nationalities to create “a sense of belonging” for all arriving expatriates and repatriates to The Netherlands. They were pioneers at a time when few companies recognized the importance of partners and families in the process of expatriation. The four ladies who founded the “Unilever Wives Network” in 1987 were: Anja Berends (Dutch), Mary Hill (British), Heather Morrison (British) and Birgit Franke-Schneider (German).
Initially set up to share informal information between wives and partners, the Network has grown and changed over the years.
The Network is run entirely by volunteers. Unilever provides administrative and financial help, including the payment, since January 2000, of a part-time administrative assistant. Since then, the Unilever Expatriate Network has grown to a big organization of over 200 members from more than 30 different nationalities.


Address: Unilever Expatriate Network, Weena 455, 3013 AL Rotterdam, The Netherlands
The Network Office is run by Monika Voster (mail to Monika.Voster@unilever.com)