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Pick your own appels @ Olmenhorst Apple Farm
Sep 14 – Oct 27 all-day

Olmenhorst is an apple farm located just 40 minutes from The Hague. For six weeks per year, they open their doors to the public to pick their own apples and pears (kilo price is 2,25 Euro). You can also enjoy lunch and fresh Dutch apple pie in their cafe while the kids play in the playground. It’s always a fun activity for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. For more information visit their website

Opening hours until 27th October:

Wednesday from 13.00-17.00

Saturday from  10.00-17.00 uur

Sunday from 10.00-17.00 uur

During the autumn holiday (21-25 October) it is open every day between 13-17.00 and in the weekends 10:00 – 17:00.

And for the other part of the country 14-18 October it is open everyday from 10-17.00

Leiden’s Ontzet (Leiden’s Deliverance) @ Leiden
Oct 1 – Oct 3 all-day
Leiden's Ontzet (Leiden's Deliverance) @ Leiden | Leiden | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

On 1,2 and 3 October, a huge festival will be held in Leiden, celebrating the liberation from the Spanish siege, now 434 years ago. Some historical background: In the 16th century the Dutch rebelled against the authority of Spain. Most of the fighting took place in the south of the Netherlands; the northern part could consider itself liberated towards the end of the 16th century. Before that, though, battles took place and the Siege of Leiden was an important event. Leiden was besieged for nearly a year in 1574. The Dutch army, led by William of Orange (nicknamed “the Silent”), deliberately flooded the fields around Leiden, breaking the dikes, to force the Spanish armies to end their siege. The Spanish tried to lure the citizens into surrender with promises, but the people of Leiden decided to stick it out in spite of a terrible shortage of food which brought them to the verge of starvation. Finally, the Spanish withdrew and the siege ended on October 3, 1574. The Dutch army entered the city with food: bread with cheese and herring. The date on which the siege ended, 3 October (Leidens Ontzet or Leiden’s Deliverance), is still celebrated every year with large scale festivities, parade, fun fair, market and spectacular fireworks on Tuesday night and…. with bread and herring. (source: tourist office Leiden).



40th Furieade Maassluis – Harbour Festival @ Maassluis Harbour
Oct 2 – Oct 6 all-day

Furieade is a harbour festival that features historical boats in the harbour of Maassluis and takes place for the 40th time from  Wednesday 2 to Sunday 6 of October.

Ships, steam boats, steam train, conviviality, artists, demonstrations, a big outdoor market  and much more is going on around the inner harbour and the historical centre.  Have a look for the entire programme on:
Maassluis is only 20 by car from Rotterdam and there is a direct bus from Schiedam station 
Kunsttoer – Art Tour – 25th anniversary @ Various locations in Lansingerland
Oct 4 – Oct 6 all-day

Lansingerland, comprising of Bergschenhoek, Berkel en Rodenrijs and Bleiswijk, is hosting the kunsttoer (art tour) for the 25th time. The idea is to bring interested art lovers into contact with art made by local artist all living in either of the three villages.
The opening with exhibition of a selection of art works takes place on Friday 4th evening at 20.00h in the new gemeentehuis of Lansingerland, Tobias Asserlaan 1, 2662 SB Bergschenhoek.

The ateliers are open from 11-17 h on both Saturday and Sunday, for more information and addresses


Living Statues by night @ City Center Ede
Oct 4 all-day

Statues By Night Ede – October 4 | Living statue performances by some of the world’s greatest, together with street artists, local artists, children and amateurs. This is a magnificent spectacle with amazing light and sound.

Fantasy Fest @ De Broodfabriek
Oct 26 – Oct 27 all-day

The Fantasy Fest is a two-day event for all those who are interested in the world of fantasy. This successful indoor event features gothic, fantasy and medieval specials, all presented in the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk.

What you will find
More than 120 merchants present all kinds of wares, like masks, clothing, accessories, jewellery, statues, incense, shoes, make up and much more.

You will find stands that offer piercings, tattoos or dreads on the spot, and you are sure to be able to stock up on your collections of corsets, crazy lenses, Victorian outfits, swords and crystal skulls.

Live music
Gothic and Irish musicians will be performing live on stage throughout the fair. There will also be various interesting workshops, and visitors tend to show up in impressive costumes.

Leiden International Film Festival @ Varios locations
Oct 31 – Nov 10 all-day
Leiden International Film Festival @ Varios locations | Leiden | South Holland | Netherlands

11 days filled with premieres, special film events, parties, and more: that’s the Leiden International Film Festival. Founded in 2006 and currently one of the Netherlands’ most important film festivals. The 2019 edition will take place from October 31 to November 10, and will feature over 100 films from all over the globe, ranging from arthouse to mainstream, and everything in between.

GLOW 2019 Light Festival @ Eindhoven
Nov 9 – Nov 16 all-day

From 9 until 16 November 2019, Eindhoven will be all about Light Festival GLOW.

Opening hours:

Saturday : 18:30 – 24:00 hrs
Sunday – Thursday : 18:30 – 23:00 hrs
Friday and Saturday : 18:30 – 24:00 hrs

GLOW is a light art exhibition in the public space of Eindhoven of 35 famous national and international light artists. The light artworks are connected by a walking route. Besides the light artworks and numerous side events created by international light artists, there are also innovative, unique works of art that are created by (young) Eindhoven talent.

Theme 2019: Living Colors

Tickets are available for guided tours and Specials.


Dordt in Stoom (Steam Power Event) @ Dordrecht
Jun 5 – Jun 7 all-day

On June 5-7 the largest steam power event in Europe will be held for the 19th time in Dordrecht, which is just south of Rotterdam.

Organisers expect 250,000 visitors at this celebration of stream. Admission to ‘Dordt in Steam’ is free, however, a day-ticket (‘Stoomrondje Dordt’) can be purchased for round trips on historic stream transport.

On Friday evening, Dordt in Steam will open with an impressive naval parade on the river.

Dordt in Steam is spread across two areas in the city which are linked with (steam)ships, steam trains and old-timer buses.

By purchasing a day-ticket for the ‘Stoomrondje Dordt’, the visitor will have access to the various forms of historic transport at the event. It also includes admission to the Model Building Show. The day-ticket is available at all departure points. Be aware that a round trip lasts at least three hours!

In the picturesque harbour area next to the Groothoofd, Kuipershaven, Wolwevershaven and the Merwekade, dozens of steam-powered ships, machines and vehicles will be on view.

Steamboats will be make round trips on the river. For children, miniature steam trains will also be operating. Various (steam)ships will also be open for visitors.

International participants will display model trains, miniature steam powered machinery and model ships in a large model building show. You can travel by steamtrain or steamboat to visit this great Model Builing Show.

Sidewalk cafes and live music will add to steamy atmosphere.


Source TheHagueOnline