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Pick your own appels @ Olmenhorst Apple Farm
Sep 14 – Oct 27 all-day

Olmenhorst is an apple farm located just 40 minutes from The Hague. For six weeks per year, they open their doors to the public to pick their own apples and pears (kilo price is 2,25 Euro). You can also enjoy lunch and fresh Dutch apple pie in their cafe while the kids play in the playground. It’s always a fun activity for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. For more information visit their website

Opening hours until 27th October:

Wednesday from 13.00-17.00

Saturday from  10.00-17.00 uur

Sunday from 10.00-17.00 uur

During the autumn holiday (21-25 October) it is open every day between 13-17.00 and in the weekends 10:00 – 17:00.

And for the other part of the country 14-18 October it is open everyday from 10-17.00

Restaurant Week @ all over the country
Sep 23 – Oct 9 all-day
Restaurant Week @ all over the country | Netherlands

Fantastic 3-course dinner at top restaurants for only € 28.50.

Just go the website of the Restaurantweek and choose the city where you would like to eat, then you can choose and book the restaurant. Please note that often you have to pay a supplement for better or Michelin Star restaurants.

Camera Japan @ Kriterion
Sep 26 – Oct 6 all-day

Camera Japan is the Benelux’s largest festival for Japanese film and culture. With movies, shows, workshops, Japanese products, and music.
Camera Japan offers over 40 movies in a variety of genres. Besides, there’s a broad programme with theater, a market and workshops.
On screen
The festival presents a lot of Dutch and European premieres. With arthouse, drama, comedy, horror, anime and anything in between.

Festival experience
Before and after the film screenings you can visit exhibitions, sencha- en miso workshops, a pop-up market for Japanse products and much more.


 26 – 29 September LantarenVenster, Rotterdam
3 – 6 October Kriterion, Amsterdam

Leiden’s Ontzet (Leiden’s Deliverance) @ Leiden
Oct 1 – Oct 3 all-day
Leiden's Ontzet (Leiden's Deliverance) @ Leiden | Leiden | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

On 1,2 and 3 October, a huge festival will be held in Leiden, celebrating the liberation from the Spanish siege, now 434 years ago. Some historical background: In the 16th century the Dutch rebelled against the authority of Spain. Most of the fighting took place in the south of the Netherlands; the northern part could consider itself liberated towards the end of the 16th century. Before that, though, battles took place and the Siege of Leiden was an important event. Leiden was besieged for nearly a year in 1574. The Dutch army, led by William of Orange (nicknamed “the Silent”), deliberately flooded the fields around Leiden, breaking the dikes, to force the Spanish armies to end their siege. The Spanish tried to lure the citizens into surrender with promises, but the people of Leiden decided to stick it out in spite of a terrible shortage of food which brought them to the verge of starvation. Finally, the Spanish withdrew and the siege ended on October 3, 1574. The Dutch army entered the city with food: bread with cheese and herring. The date on which the siege ended, 3 October (Leidens Ontzet or Leiden’s Deliverance), is still celebrated every year with large scale festivities, parade, fun fair, market and spectacular fireworks on Tuesday night and…. with bread and herring. (source: tourist office Leiden).



40th Furieade Maassluis – Harbour Festival @ Maassluis Harbour
Oct 2 – Oct 6 all-day

Furieade is a harbour festival that features historical boats in the harbour of Maassluis and takes place for the 40th time from  Wednesday 2 to Sunday 6 of October.

Ships, steam boats, steam train, conviviality, artists, demonstrations, a big outdoor market  and much more is going on around the inner harbour and the historical centre.  Have a look for the entire programme on:
Maassluis is only 20 by car from Rotterdam and there is a direct bus from Schiedam station 
All about Food – Festival @ Nutshuis
Oct 2 – Oct 5 all-day
All about Food - Festival @ Nutshuis | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

People in the Netherlands throw away an average of fifty kilos of food per person every year. This makes the Dutch the biggest food-wasters in the world. Although everyone would agree that this needs to change, the problem does not only lie with consumers. Huge amounts of food are wasted at every stage of the process, from cultivation and growth through to organic waste disposal.

In the first week of October, the All About Food Festival in Het Nutshuis will revolve around food waste. We will hear from various sustainable and socially-minded entrepreneurs and pioneers from The Hague, all of whom are doing their best to turn the tide. The film screen features people who are spending six months living on food waste. In the garden, children will go on a voyage of discovery, collecting stamps on their cards along the way. And we will serve ‘rescue recipes’ for you to try at blind tasting sessions. Fancy talking, watching, thinking and eating with us?


ART The Hague (contemporary art fair) @ Fokker Terminal
Oct 2 – Oct 6 all-day
ART The Hague (contemporary art fair) @ Fokker Terminal

The quirky contemporary art fair Art The Hague will be held this year from 2 to 6 October in the Fokker Terminal in the Binckhorst. The fair will surprise art lovers and collectors with works by international top artists.

With a strong selection of 45 galleries the regular ‘line up’ of Art of The Hague is also worthwhile. Next to renowned galleries such as Galerie Ramakers, Jan van Hoof Gallery, Livingstone Gallery, newcomers such as Twelve Twelve Gallery and Kers Gallery will be participating at the fair. Torch Gallery in Amsterdam will be showing a solo presentation of the works of art icon Philip Akkerman.

The fringe programme of Art The Hague includes an exhibition of works by young talent, lectures on contemporary art and guided tours to leading art collections in The Hague region.

Special exhibitions
Every year Art The Hague organises several (international) exhibitions. A complete event programme will be organised with tours, lectures and workshops and drinks. Art The Hague will also organize a VIP program and invite art professionals, (young) collectors, foreign embassies and companies.

More info
Art The Hague will be open:

Wedsnesday 2 October 6 pm -10 pm

Thursday 3 October 2 pm – 9 pm

Friday 4 October 2 pm – 9 pm

Saturday 5 October 11 am – 8 pm

Sunday 6 October 11 am – 6 pm

The art fair will be held at the Fokker Terminal (Binckhorstlaan 249) in The Hague.

Tickets cost € 10 per person and € 5 for students and CJP holders. Children under 16 years of age have free admission. Tickets can be purchased at the door.

More information can be found at www.artthehague.nl.

Afrovibes Festival @ Maaspodium and Kunsthal
Oct 3 – Oct 13 all-day

 From 3 until 13 October the 16th edition of the Afro_Vibes Festival brings contemporary theater, dance, performances, music, film and design from urban cultural hotspots in Africa on 12 stages in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague and Utrecht.
The festival looks at the entire African continent. In this 16th edition Afro_Vibes brings contemporary makers and artists from South Africa, Nigeria, Angola, Uganda, Congo-Kinshasa and from The Netherlands. They show that we look at the world from different perspectives but that, despite the distance between Europe and Africa, we often have the same questions about who we are, who or what we want to be, what our identity is and why we act as we act.

Speak Truth to Power
With the theme Speak Truth to Power the focus of this year’s festival is on truth and power. The world is overflowing with data and information and with the rise of unfiltered (online) sources the question arises: what is real and what is fake? Has truth become an illusion in a world in which social media reinforces existing stereotypes by showing people (fake) news, images and stories with which they already agree? Afro_Vibes has chosen this theme as an artistic response to current times in which various power struggles are featured in the news every day. From authoritarian regimes to students who make their voices heard for climate change and affordable education. Where women unite for equality and against sexual violence, where refugees and migrants have to defend their position and where online media and news channels are used as a window to look at the world, but also for propaganda and fake news.

Data en theaters/steden
Amsterdam 3 t/m 5 oktober Compagnietheater; 5 oktober Bijlmer Parktheater; 9 & 10 oktober De Balie; 9 & 11 oktober Podium Mozaiek; 12 oktober Pleintheater; 13 oktober Bimhuis
Den Haag 5 & 6 oktober Het Nationale Theater (locatie Spui); 11 oktober Paard.
Rotterdam 12 & 13 oktober Maaspodium; 6 oktober Kunsthal.
Utrecht 11 oktober Stadsschouwburg Utrecht; 12 oktober TivoliVredenburg.

Sonsbeek Market @ Sonsbeekpark
Oct 3 all-day

Sonsbeek Market 

Pure food from the area, sustainable products, yoga and more 


Kunsttoer – Art Tour – 25th anniversary @ Various locations in Lansingerland
Oct 4 – Oct 6 all-day

Lansingerland, comprising of Bergschenhoek, Berkel en Rodenrijs and Bleiswijk, is hosting the kunsttoer (art tour) for the 25th time. The idea is to bring interested art lovers into contact with art made by local artist all living in either of the three villages.
The opening with exhibition of a selection of art works takes place on Friday 4th evening at 20.00h in the new gemeentehuis of Lansingerland, Tobias Asserlaan 1, 2662 SB Bergschenhoek.

The ateliers are open from 11-17 h on both Saturday and Sunday, for more information and addresses


Living Statues by night @ City Center Ede
Oct 4 all-day

Statues By Night Ede – October 4 | Living statue performances by some of the world’s greatest, together with street artists, local artists, children and amateurs. This is a magnificent spectacle with amazing light and sound.

VISSCH – Culinary Fish Festival @ Fish Market
Oct 4 – Oct 6 all-day
VISSCH - Culinary Fish Festival @ Fish Market | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

VISSCH is the 3-day culinary fish festival taking place from 4 to 6 October in Scheveningen. Come see and taste the abundance of products the sea has to offer. With live music, workshops and demonstrations.

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Experience the real Scheveningen when fishermen and local restaurants show off their wares and expertise in the harbour, with magnificent views of the ships and the fish market. VISSCH invites you to try special seafood dishes, learn how to clean a fish and listen to the tall tales of the fishermen.

The event take place in the fish market in Scheveningen, with a great view of the harbour. Inside you will find lovely little eating stalls, food trucks and seating areas where you can enjoy all kinds of culinary surprises.

The festival will feature performances by local pop bands and DJs.

How do you clean a plaice or flounder? What do you do with the guts and how do you dispose of them? This is just 1 of the subjects which will be covered in the workshops and cooking demonstrations on the wharf during VISSCH. There will also be plenty of activities geared to children.

More info
VISSCH will be held:

17.00 to 22.00 hrs. on Friday, 4 October
12.00 to 22.00 hrs. on Saturday, 5 October
12.00 to 19.00 hrs. on Sunday, 6 October
at the Visafslag Scheveningen (Visafslagweg 1). Admission is free of charge.

More information can be found at www.vissch.nl.

World Living Statue Festival @ Arnheim City Center
Oct 4 – Oct 6 all-day
World Living Statue Festival @ Arnheim City Center | Arnhem | Gelderland | Netherlands

The World Living Statues Festival (WLSF) has evolved in thirteen years into the world’s most prominent festival which focuses purely on street artists who perform as living statues; an unique urban art form that continues to amaze and entertain audiences of all ages. At the moment there are about 400 worldwide professional living statues. They all joined the WLSF and form the basis of the unique biennial festival in Arnhem.

The very last edition in Arnhem and Ede is in the weekend of 4, 5 and 6 October 2019.

October 4th Statues by Night Ede, 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm
October 5th Parade of the Champions Arnhem, 3 p.m. to 5 p.m.
October 6th, The Dutch Championships and the World Championships in Arnhem, 1:00 pm to 5:00 pm, followed by the award ceremony.

Artistic, touching and humorous
From the very beginning WLSF has had a huge appeal to young and old. Each festival edition has introduced more than 200.000 visitors to 200 artistic, eloquent and/or funny living statues. On the art form itself the impact of the festival is huge. Since John Eicke, the new Artistic Director of the International WLSF, was chosen World Champion (for the second time!), he has travelled without interruption from one festival to another all over the world.

A Festival Downtown @ Nieuwe Binnenweg
Oct 5 all-day
A Festival Downtown @ Nieuwe Binnenweg | Rotterdam | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

Free festival presenting exciting electronic music in the center of Rotterdam!

Festival Downtown 6.0 presents exciting, electronic music at a unique location in the center of Rotterdam. During Festival Downtown, various locations around Eendrachtsplein will be transformed for a day into a festival site with various indoor and outdoor locations. Festival Downtown is literally “Downtown”. That means around the Eendrachtsplein, the Nieuwe Binnenweg and Witte de With.

Biggest Flea Market @ IJ Hallen
Oct 5 – Oct 6 all-day

Great sales and a great atmosphere at the Ij Hallen Flea Market

The IJ-Hallen is the biggest and most unique flea market in Europe and is located in the most densely populated area of The Netherlands. Because of the size of the market, supply and demand are perfectly balanced and you will have a great chance of finding what you are looking for. The IJ-Hallen is recommended to anyone who loves flea markets and great bargains.

Free parking
There is a free parking opportunity opposite to Papaverweg 50, 1032 KJ Amsterdam. From there you can go to the IJ-Hallen via the bridge by foot. It will be appoximately a 3-minute walk. Another option is parking closer to the market. However, parking fees are required there for visitors, which cost from 9am € 1,30 per hour and €7,80 a daycard. The choice is yours. The free NDSM-ferry from Amsterdam Central Station makes your visit definitely worthwhile.
Entrance fee is € 5,00 and only € 2,00 for kids aged 11 or younger.

Le Marie Marché, French Market @ Het Plein
Oct 5 – Oct 6 all-day

Inspired by the dreamy atmosphere of French markets, Le Marie Marché will be organised on the Plein on the first weekend  of each month. With many delicious and beautiful wares.

The characteristic market is all about discovering and enjoying.

Something for everybody
At this special market you will find inviting food stalls with fantastic strawberries, organic cheeses, sweet delicacies, quality breads, Mediterranean treats and much more. There will also be numerous lifestyle stalls where you will find seasonal lifestyle articles and antiques and collectibles.

There is no better spot to do your shopping this weekend.

About Le Marie Marché
The businesses at the market will be divided into 4 different categories: Sweet & Juicy, Spicy & Salty, To Have & To Hold and Land & Sea.

More info
Le Marie Marché will be held from 11.00 to 18.00 hrs. on Saturday and Sunday on the Plein in The Hague.

More information can be found at www.lemariemarche.nl

Open Ateliers The Hague @ various locations
Oct 5 – Oct 6 all-day

Open Ateliers Den Haag
More than 65 local artists will open their studios during Open Ateliers Den Haag on 5 and 6 October in downtown The Hague.

Open Ateliers is an annual art event during the first weekend of October. During the weekend you can visit various artists in their own studio in The Hague’s city centre. Talk to the artists, look at their artwork and find something to take home with you in an informal setting.

The participating artists work in different disciplines: painting, sculpture, photography, installations, ceramics, textiles and jewellery.

In some studios you can join a workshop or watch the artists at work. All studios are located within or close by the canals in the centre of The Hague.

More info
Open Ateliers Den Haag takes place from 12.00 to 18.00 hrs. on Saturday, 5 October and Sunday, 6 October in downtown The Hague.

The event is free of charge.

For more information check www.openateliersdenhaag.nl

The Hague Museum Night – 10 year anniversary @ Various Museums
Oct 5 all-day
The Hague Museum Night - 10 year anniversary @ Various Museums | The Hague | South Holland | Netherlands

Museumnacht Den Haag celebrates its jubilee year. This tenth edition shows the best of the Hague museums with a vibrant program! Until late in the evening more than 40 museums and cultural institutions in the city centre of the Hague, Scheveningen and Voorburg open their doors for art-loving night owls.

Between 20:00 and 01:00 hours the following museums Mauritshuis, Gemeentemuseum Den Haag, Escher in het Paleis, Humanity House, West Den Haag, Museum Bredius, Museum Swaensteyn presents a special program around their collections and exhibitions. This cultural night is full of art, music, dance, film, cabaret and poetry. As every year Museumnacht Den Haag closes the evening with an official afterparty. In short, the long stay up is worthwhile.

Visit the website of Museum Night for more information: http://www.museumnachtdenhaag.nl



Garba Night The Hague @ Sporthal Leidschenveen
Oct 5 @ 17:00 – 23:00
Garba Night The Hague @ Sporthal Leidschenveen | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

Garba Night The Hague
You are invited to the annual Garba Night The Hague on Saturday, 5 October with a focus on dance, Indian snacks and having lots of fun in an Indian setting. People of all backgrounds are welcome to join.

The event will feature a traditional Garba dance group, Indian snack stalls and much more.

It is organised by Friends of India in association with Inspiring Indian Women. Friends of India is a platform for people of Indian origin to collaborate and promote India. Its mission is to achieve unity through community activities. Inspiring Indian Women is a women’s movement that not only aims to promote Indian culture, but also provides a platform for Indian women to support others.

More info
The Garba Night The Hague takes place from 17.00 to 23.00 hrs. on Saturday, 5 October at Sporthal Leidschenveen (Vaz Diasdreef 20) in The Hague.

Tickets for adults cost € 9.00 and for students and children aged 5 to 12 years € 7.00. Children under 5 years are free of charge. Get your online tickets for family and friends at www.tinyurl.com/garba2019

More information can be found on the Facebook page of the event

Atlantikwall Museum open on Sundays only @ Scheveningen
Oct 6 all-day

The Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen feature several original German bunkers from the Second World War. The figurehead of the Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen is the command bunker in the complex Widerstandsnest 318 (Verteidigungsstab Badhuisweg). A man-bunker has also been set up in this complex and a toilet bunker has been made accessible. On regular open days it is possible to visit the command bunker, and there are volunteers ready to provide information and answer questions.

Widerstandsnest 318 Scheveningen
The primary museum location of the foundation is an authentically furnished command bunker of the type 608 (Bataillons-, Abteilungs- oder Regiments-Gefechtsstand). From this bunker and nearby villas in the Second World War the military command of Stützpunkgruppe Scheveningen was conducted by the occupying forces. The bunker is largely original and gives you the unique experience of a tangible past. There are also original historical objects of German, British, Canadian and American forces on display.

Man’s bunker
In the adjacent man-bunker bunker of the type 622 (Doppelgruppenunterstand) on the Badhuisweg there is a ‘time capsule’: one of the two lounges is furnished with exclusively unrestored objects. You get the impression that the bunker has remained untouched since the end of the Second World War. In reality, most bunkers in the Netherlands were looted after the war and stripped of all valuable parts. The other room is an exhibition space for photographs, art and historical objects.

The bunkers on the Badhuisweg are located at numbers 119-133, next to De Boshut coffee house. The museum is accessible by tram line 9. Get off at the Cremerweg stop, from there it is a two minute walk to the bunker. Car is free to park within walking distance of the museum

Entrance is 4 Euro (cash) and 2 Euro for children until 12 years.


Sunday Market @ Cultuurpark Westergasfabriek
Oct 6 all-day

Sunday Market at the Westergasfabriek, Amsterdam

Every first Sunday of the months you will be able to enjoy the Sunday Market and sample fashion, design, (organic) food and trinkets for children.

The market will be open all afternoon so you can enjoy the best of local wares and exclusive products from Dutch designers.

Artists and designers will be selling unique products such as fashion, illustrations, jewellery, ceramics, paintings and much more.

Praatcafe – Dutch Borrel (Speaking Dutch event) @ Citizen M
Oct 8 all-day

Rotterdams Praatcafe is a social group for anyone interested in practising Dutch in a cozy environment. Any Dutch language learners can enjoy practising Dutch at ease and with fun. In order to do that, we bring into the group enthusiastic Dutch language learners, professional Dutch teachers, professional language coaches and other social Dutch native speakers. Together we will create creative and social events to make friends, have a lot of fun and practise speaking Dutch. Events will be held in Rotterdam.

They organize a regular “borrel” (drinks) on every second  Tuesday of the month, from 19.30 to 22h. During the borrel the only language spoken is Dutch.



Architecture Film Festival Rotterdam @ LantarenVenster
Oct 9 – Oct 13 all-day

From October 9 until 13 October the eleventh edition of AFFR takes place in LantarenVenster, Rotterdam.

AFFR investigates the relation between film, city and architecture with a broad programme of films, debates and more.

Dive into to world of cities and architecture with lectures, films and debates. 

Popronde Utrecht – Travelling music festival @ Varios locations
Oct 10 @ 18:30 – Oct 11 @ 05:00
Popronde Utrecht - Travelling music festival @ Varios locations | Utrecht | Utrecht | Netherlands

Popronde is a travelling music festival. In Utrecht more than 35 upcoming bands present themselves at various locations in the citycentre. Popronde hosts a variety of musical genres, discover a selection of the new generation Dutch musicians in one evening! All concerts are free.

Internations Oktoberfest Network Party @ Kartoffel
Oct 11 @ 21:00 – Oct 12 @ 23:30

On Friday evening, 11th October InterNations organises an Oktoberfest Networking Event @Kartoffel in Utrecht from 21.00-23.30 h. Entrance is 10 Euro. You can join InterNations and become a member:


Cinekid Festival for Children @ Westergasfabriek Amsterdam
Oct 12 – Oct 27 all-day

Cinekid Festival
Cinekid Festival is the largest children’s media festival in the world. At the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam and around 40 locations across the country, children aged between 3 and 14 years can watch new, unusual and striking films and television productions and meet their creators. They also get a chance to explore the MediaLab: a playful exhibition extending across 1200 square meters, filled with interactive art installations, workshops, games and apps. Cinekid for Professionals, an international multi-day event for the children’s media industry, also runs during the Cinekid Festival.

Check out where cinekid is taking place here: https://www.cinekid.nl/en/festival

19-25 October in Amsterdam 

12-27 October on tour

Dagvlinder Festival @ Submarine Hangar
Oct 12 all-day
Dagvlinder Festival @ Submarine Hangar | Rotterdam | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

The hottest and latest brand new festival is back: Dagvlinder Festival. This is one of the first daytime indoor festival held in The Netherlands in Rotterdam. Due to last year being such a great success, the event is back on Saturday the 12th of October! From 2 to 12 pm

The fourth phase late butterfly tickets for the Dagvlinder Festival 2019 has begun. These can be ordered online via www.dagvlinderfestival.nl

– pre-phase ‘friends of’ ticket = sold out
– phase 1 ‘early butterfly’ ticket = sold out
– phase 2 and 3 ‘butterfly ticket’ = sold out

phase 4: now available; 41.37 incl. fee

This year we also have the option of ‘backstage straps’ for that little bit more experience. You then have access behind the stages to party, a better view, more space and also your own bar. The price of this is 49.50 ex fee excluding drinks.

ps; we are going to be a little fresher this year, even more fruity and we are expanding a little more with something nice 🙂


New this year: backstage access! With a special wristband, you have access to enter backstage areas. This includes a better view at your favorite artist, more space and even an own bar. Backstage access tickets are online now [49.50 ex fee and ex drinks] and also online for sale at www.dagvlinderfestival.nl

Geen Daden maar Worden – True Word Literary Festival @ Various locations in Katendrecht
Oct 12 all-day

At the Geen Daden Maar Woorden Festival words are the central theme. The festival is an exploration with a broad programme. Explore young literary talent and (known or new) Dutch auth0rs. Be surprised by international spoken word performers, poets and films and enjoy singer-songriters and music theater.

The festival takes place from 20h to 24 h at several locations around the Deliplein art Katendrecht. A place full of innovation, experiment and energy. Make your own route along the festival locations (also in English).

Ticket also entitles you to visit the afterparty.

Japanese Garden Open @ Clingendael Estate
Oct 12 – Oct 27 all-day
Japanese Garden Open @ Clingendael Estate | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

The magnificent Japanese Garden is the crown jewel of Clingendael Park, with beautiful and rare trees and plants. The garden is extremely fragile. That is why the Japanese Garden is open only 8 weeks in the year. The garden is open from 12 – 27 October.

Due to its fragility, the Japanese Garden can be visited only during a short period of the year. It is open a few weeks in the spring and in the autumn. The garden is now closed.

Opening hours
During the weeks when the garden is open in the spring, you can visit it from 9.00 to 20.00 hrs. and during the opening hours in the autumn you can enter from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs. It is not possible to visit the garden outside of these hours (not even with an appointment).

Autumn 2019: from 12 October to 27 October

Consequences of the garden’s fragility
Due to the garden’s fragility it is not possible to visit it with strollers or baby carriages and electric mobility devices.
The garden offers only limited access to people in a wheelchair. A separate entrance is available for wheelchairs with a special shorter route through the garden.
It is also prohibited to enter the garden with dogs.
If the garden has too many visitors, you may have to wait outside before you are allowed in. The fragility of the plants means there is a limit on the number of visitors allowed at a given time.
Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park
The Japanese Garden was created in the beginning of the 20th century by the former owner of the country estate of Clingendael, Marguérite M. Baroness van Brienen (1871-1939), also called Lady Daisy. Lady Daisy undertook several voyages by ship to Japan. She brought back to the Netherlands a number of lanterns, a water cask, sculptures, the little bridges and possibly the pavilion. It is the only Japanese Garden in the Netherlands from around 1910 and therefore has a high historical value. The municipality has managed the Clingendael estate since 1954. Staff of Haeghe Schoon en Groen from the municipality’s Haeghe Groep maintain the Japanese Garden.

Place of serenity and reflection
The garden has a unique and surprising atmosphere, partly thanks to the beautiful moss cover. The garden contains many stone lanterns in all shapes and sizes. It also has 2 water casks. One water cask has 4 images of Buddhas. The other water cask is in the shape of a lotus flower. The beautiful pavilion offers a great vantage point to admire the garden. The pavilion had sliding doors until around 1940. These panels were put back in place in 2009 with the help of Japanese architects. Lady Daisy’s legacy is now a place of serenity and reflection for visitors to the Japanese Garden.

Mondriaan Jazz Festival @ Paard van Troje
Oct 12 all-day
Mondriaan Jazz Festival @ Paard van Troje

Mondriaan Jazz Festival

 Mondriaan Jazz Festival 2019 takes place on the 12th of October 2019 at PAARD and in Het Koorenhuis in The Hague (NL). The festival will kick off with a special opening concert ft. Phronesis in Het Koorenhuis on Friday the 11th of October, co-organised by ProJazz.

Mondriaan Jazz is a progressive festival with a cutting-edge touch. The thrilling and contemporary line-up explores the boundaries between different genres and closely monitors the future of (jazz) music in all its forms and sizes. Mondriaan Jazz is a voyage of discovery where unique collaborations take place, international debuts are made and special new groups are curated.

More info
The Mondriaan Jazz Festival takes place at the Paard (Prinsegracht 12) in The Hague.

Tickets cost € 37.50 and can be ordered here

More information about the Mondriaan Jazz Festival can be found at www.mondriaanjazz.nl.