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Pick your own appels @ Olmenhorst Apple Farm
Sep 14 – Oct 27 all-day

Olmenhorst is an apple farm located just 40 minutes from The Hague. For six weeks per year, they open their doors to the public to pick their own apples and pears (kilo price is 2,25 Euro). You can also enjoy lunch and fresh Dutch apple pie in their cafe while the kids play in the playground. It’s always a fun activity for a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. For more information visit their website

Opening hours until 27th October:

Wednesday from 13.00-17.00

Saturday from  10.00-17.00 uur

Sunday from 10.00-17.00 uur

During the autumn holiday (21-25 October) it is open every day between 13-17.00 and in the weekends 10:00 – 17:00.

And for the other part of the country 14-18 October it is open everyday from 10-17.00

Cinekid Festival for Children @ Westergasfabriek Amsterdam
Oct 12 – Oct 27 all-day

Cinekid Festival
Cinekid Festival is the largest children’s media festival in the world. At the Westergasfabriek in Amsterdam and around 40 locations across the country, children aged between 3 and 14 years can watch new, unusual and striking films and television productions and meet their creators. They also get a chance to explore the MediaLab: a playful exhibition extending across 1200 square meters, filled with interactive art installations, workshops, games and apps. Cinekid for Professionals, an international multi-day event for the children’s media industry, also runs during the Cinekid Festival.

Check out where cinekid is taking place here: https://www.cinekid.nl/en/festival

19-25 October in Amsterdam 

12-27 October on tour

Japanese Garden Open @ Clingendael Estate
Oct 12 – Oct 27 all-day
Japanese Garden Open @ Clingendael Estate | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

The magnificent Japanese Garden is the crown jewel of Clingendael Park, with beautiful and rare trees and plants. The garden is extremely fragile. That is why the Japanese Garden is open only 8 weeks in the year. The garden is open from 12 – 27 October.

Due to its fragility, the Japanese Garden can be visited only during a short period of the year. It is open a few weeks in the spring and in the autumn. The garden is now closed.

Opening hours
During the weeks when the garden is open in the spring, you can visit it from 9.00 to 20.00 hrs. and during the opening hours in the autumn you can enter from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs. It is not possible to visit the garden outside of these hours (not even with an appointment).

Autumn 2019: from 12 October to 27 October

Consequences of the garden’s fragility
Due to the garden’s fragility it is not possible to visit it with strollers or baby carriages and electric mobility devices.
The garden offers only limited access to people in a wheelchair. A separate entrance is available for wheelchairs with a special shorter route through the garden.
It is also prohibited to enter the garden with dogs.
If the garden has too many visitors, you may have to wait outside before you are allowed in. The fragility of the plants means there is a limit on the number of visitors allowed at a given time.
Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park
The Japanese Garden was created in the beginning of the 20th century by the former owner of the country estate of Clingendael, Marguérite M. Baroness van Brienen (1871-1939), also called Lady Daisy. Lady Daisy undertook several voyages by ship to Japan. She brought back to the Netherlands a number of lanterns, a water cask, sculptures, the little bridges and possibly the pavilion. It is the only Japanese Garden in the Netherlands from around 1910 and therefore has a high historical value. The municipality has managed the Clingendael estate since 1954. Staff of Haeghe Schoon en Groen from the municipality’s Haeghe Groep maintain the Japanese Garden.

Place of serenity and reflection
The garden has a unique and surprising atmosphere, partly thanks to the beautiful moss cover. The garden contains many stone lanterns in all shapes and sizes. It also has 2 water casks. One water cask has 4 images of Buddhas. The other water cask is in the shape of a lotus flower. The beautiful pavilion offers a great vantage point to admire the garden. The pavilion had sliding doors until around 1940. These panels were put back in place in 2009 with the help of Japanese architects. Lady Daisy’s legacy is now a place of serenity and reflection for visitors to the Japanese Garden.

De grote schijn – Magic in the Kralingse Bos @ Kralingse Bos
Oct 18 – Oct 27 all-day
De grote schijn - Magic in the Kralingse Bos @ Kralingse Bos | Rotterdam | South Holland | Netherlands

A piece of magic, hidden at the edge of the city

The Kralingse Bos in Rotterdam forms the backdrop for a special evening walk during the autumn holidays. As if the forest was filled with real magic, a new surprise waits behind every bush. Trees seem to come to life, mushrooms have been plucked away from a fairy tale and get a luminous glow while running water suddenly changes direction. Nature plays the leading role in this special spectacle with the forest as a natural backdrop.

All the senses are stimulated during this 2 kilometer long walk through the dark. Eyes, ears and noses go on an adventure through light, sound and smells. There are no fairy-tale creatures or evil wizards who produce their magic and thus bring the forest to life, no everything comes from suffisticated technology. Impressive and innovative gadgets provide one mysterious surprise after another, an experience for young and old.

Festival Jazz International Rotterdam @ LantarenVenster
Oct 25 – Oct 26 all-day

According to many music lovers Festival Jazz International Rotterdam is the place to discover new sounds, to meet and to enjoy the best music. This year it is titled: Rotterdam scene and sound. Small-scale and intensive and with a sublime international programming and the hippest bands of the moment.

The festival is held on Friday 25 andSaturday 26 at Lantaren Venster and other locations. Day tickets are sold from 33,50 Euro.

Haagse Pop Weekend @ 25 locations in The Hague
Oct 25 – Oct 27 all-day
Haagse Pop Weekend @ 25 locations in The Hague | The Hague | South Holland | Netherlands

From 25 to 27 October local musicians will take over the city to show why The Hague is the Number One pop music city in the Netherlands. From an intimate acoustic concert in a small pub to special performances in various places, including the Grote Markt.

Music galore
A unique festival showcasing local talent with a fabulous and broad programme featuring every conceivable style of music: pop, rock, indie, singer-songwriter, urban/hip hop and electronic.

Discover new talent
You can discover new talent around the Grote Markt during the free Haags Popweekend on 26 and 27 October. With new music you need to have seen and heard. Hop around from bar to club and check out the new music scene. The Hague Pop Day will be the closing event of The Hague Pop Week on Sunday, 27 October in the Paard. There a number of prizes will be awarded to the best local talent soon to break through nationally. There will also be a fabulous after party in the Paardcafe. More information can be found on the Facebook page of the event.

More info
Many of the activities being organised during The Hague Pop Week are free of charge.

More information can be found at www.haagsepopweek.nl.

Biggest Flea Market @ IJ Hallen
Oct 26 – Oct 27 all-day

Great sales and a great atmosphere at the Ij Hallen Flea Market

The IJ-Hallen is the biggest and most unique flea market in Europe and is located in the most densely populated area of The Netherlands. Because of the size of the market, supply and demand are perfectly balanced and you will have a great chance of finding what you are looking for. The IJ-Hallen is recommended to anyone who loves flea markets and great bargains.

Free parking
There is a free parking opportunity opposite to Papaverweg 50, 1032 KJ Amsterdam. From there you can go to the IJ-Hallen via the bridge by foot. It will be appoximately a 3-minute walk. Another option is parking closer to the market. However, parking fees are required there for visitors, which cost from 9am € 1,30 per hour and €7,80 a daycard. The choice is yours. The free NDSM-ferry from Amsterdam Central Station makes your visit definitely worthwhile.
Entrance fee is € 5,00 and only € 2,00 for kids aged 11 or younger.

Crazy Sexy Cool Halloween @ Zuiderpark
Oct 26 all-day

Summon all of your courage and come on down to Zuiderpark, where beats and freaks meet, and lure you into their spooky tents to dance the night away!
Expect spooky entertainment, freaky decorations and gruesome horror! Featuring a Crazy Mainstage, a bloody Sexy Area and a Cool Urban Area. Quiver in fear as you see the Zuiderpark transformed into your worst nightmare…

Date: Saturday 26 october
Time: 16:00 to 23:00
Location: Zuiderpark Rotterdam (stages are heated and covered)
Tickets: Order your tickets for Crazy Sexy Cool here!

Fantasy Fest @ De Broodfabriek
Oct 26 – Oct 27 all-day

The Fantasy Fest is a two-day event for all those who are interested in the world of fantasy. This successful indoor event features gothic, fantasy and medieval specials, all presented in the Broodfabriek in Rijswijk.

What you will find
More than 120 merchants present all kinds of wares, like masks, clothing, accessories, jewellery, statues, incense, shoes, make up and much more.

You will find stands that offer piercings, tattoos or dreads on the spot, and you are sure to be able to stock up on your collections of corsets, crazy lenses, Victorian outfits, swords and crystal skulls.

Live music
Gothic and Irish musicians will be performing live on stage throughout the fair. There will also be various interesting workshops, and visitors tend to show up in impressive costumes.

Wanderlust music experience @ Zuiderstrandtheater
Oct 26 all-day
Wanderlust music experience @ Zuiderstrandtheater | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

Wanderlust music experience
The Residentie Orkest and Zuiderstrandtheater will present the Wanderlust music experience, a hop-on, hop-off festival at the seaside with pop, classical, jazz and much more on Saturday, 26 October.

Wanderlust takes you on a musical journey in and around the Zuiderstrandtheater. A cosmopolitan festival where the best musicians take centre stage.

Evening highlights
The programme includes the Residentie Orkest The Hague, the German band Spark, Iranian piano and daf player Farid Sheek, the Ardemus saxophone quartet, Dutch vocalist YSA, the BVR Flamenco Big Band, world music by Caravan and choreographer Kalpana Raghuraman. The evening ends with an after party with DJ.

Residentie Orkest
The Residentie Orkest proves that symphonic music can be of significance for a large and broad public in the 21st century. The orchestra wants to bring as many people as possible in contact with special music and let them enjoy, surprise and inspire them. The Residentie Orkest, with its home base in The Hague, counts itself among the large, renowned symphony orchestras in the Netherlands.

More info
Wanderlust takes place from 17.00 hrs. onwards on Saturday, 26 October in the Zuiderstrandtheater (Houtrustweg 505) in The Hague.

Tickets cost € 30 per person for the event. Food and drinks are not included in this price. Tickets can be ordered through the website of the Zuiderstrandtheater.(externe link)

Atlantikwall Museum open on Sundays only @ Scheveningen
Oct 27 all-day

The Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen feature several original German bunkers from the Second World War. The figurehead of the Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen is the command bunker in the complex Widerstandsnest 318 (Verteidigungsstab Badhuisweg). A man-bunker has also been set up in this complex and a toilet bunker has been made accessible. On regular open days it is possible to visit the command bunker, and there are volunteers ready to provide information and answer questions.

Widerstandsnest 318 Scheveningen
The primary museum location of the foundation is an authentically furnished command bunker of the type 608 (Bataillons-, Abteilungs- oder Regiments-Gefechtsstand). From this bunker and nearby villas in the Second World War the military command of Stützpunkgruppe Scheveningen was conducted by the occupying forces. The bunker is largely original and gives you the unique experience of a tangible past. There are also original historical objects of German, British, Canadian and American forces on display.

Man’s bunker
In the adjacent man-bunker bunker of the type 622 (Doppelgruppenunterstand) on the Badhuisweg there is a ‘time capsule’: one of the two lounges is furnished with exclusively unrestored objects. You get the impression that the bunker has remained untouched since the end of the Second World War. In reality, most bunkers in the Netherlands were looted after the war and stripped of all valuable parts. The other room is an exhibition space for photographs, art and historical objects.

The bunkers on the Badhuisweg are located at numbers 119-133, next to De Boshut coffee house. The museum is accessible by tram line 9. Get off at the Cremerweg stop, from there it is a two minute walk to the bunker. Car is free to park within walking distance of the museum

Entrance is 4 Euro (cash) and 2 Euro for children until 12 years.


Biggest Flea Market @ IJ Hallen
Oct 27 – Oct 28 all-day

Great sales and a great atmosphere at the Ij Hallen Flea Market

The IJ-Hallen is the biggest and most unique flea market in Europe and is located in the most densely populated area of The Netherlands. Because of the size of the market, supply and demand are perfectly balanced and you will have a great chance of finding what you are looking for. The IJ-Hallen is recommended to anyone who loves flea markets and great bargains.

Free parking
There is a free parking opportunity opposite to Papaverweg 50, 1032 KJ Amsterdam. From there you can go to the IJ-Hallen via the bridge by foot. It will be appoximately a 3-minute walk. Another option is parking closer to the market. However, parking fees are required there for visitors, which cost from 9am € 1,30 per hour and €7,80 a daycard. The choice is yours. The free NDSM-ferry from Amsterdam Central Station makes your visit definitely worthwhile.
Entrance fee is € 5,00 and only € 2,00 for kids aged 11 or younger.

European Outdoor Film Tour @ Theater Diligentia and Pathe Schouwburg
Oct 27 all-day
European Outdoor Film Tour @ Theater Diligentia and Pathe Schouwburg | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

With the best outdoor sports and adventure films of the year, the European Outdoor Film Tour shows the true stories of people who leave their comfort zone far behind in order to explore their personal limits. It will be held at Theater Diligentia on Sunday, 27 October.

The most renowned film event on the European outdoor calendar: The European Outdoor Film Tour is heading to more than 300 venues in 14 countries showing inspirational protagonists with an heartfelt passion for adventure and the great outdoors. The programmes of the last 15 years have followed one principle: We need no actors, no blue screen, no second takes. Only true stories, authentic characters and breathtaking action.

The films take you on an adventure into the unknown – far off the beaten track.

More info
The European Outdoor Film Tour will be held at 16.00 and 20.00 hrs. on Sunday, 27 October in Theater Diligentia (Lange Voorhout 5). The film programme has a total length of 120 minutes. There will be a 30-minute break in between.

Tickets cost € 16.50 and can be purchased online through the website of Bever Sport

Klub Latin – Dance Event @ Korenhuis
Oct 27 all-day

Klub Latin @ Het Koorenhuis

A new KLUB series will start in September. In addition to KLUB DANSANT, you can dance from the fall, enjoy great music and meet nice people at KLUB SOUL, KLUB LATIN and KLUB HEERLY. From 3-8 pm

On Sunday 27 October it is already time for the second edition of KLUB LATIN! This time with a young singer – songwriter from Colombia. Dave Mochilero makes original songs based on legendary music from Colombian culture. Think of vielato rhythms, cumbia and salsa. Dance to songs by Juanes, Carlos Vives, Joe Arroyo and Grupo Niche and let those hips shake! The Latin afternoon and evening in the Koorenhuis is also the place for nice salsa lovers to dance in a casual setting.

KLUB LATIN is a collaboration between Gerardo Rosales | Rosales Music, Carmen Pronk and PRINS27 | in the Koorenhuis.

Gerardo Rosales & Backpacker:
Dave Mochilero: guitar & vocal
Gerardo Rosales: percussion and choir
Eric Olij: bass and choirs
Fedi Shake: soprano sax

Production: Carmen Pronk & Rosales Music

Click here for tickets

Museum Market @ Museumplein
Oct 27 all-day

Every third Sunday of the month, the Museumplein will be filled with stylish stands full of design, in between the main museums around the pond you can meet the Dutch and International designers yourself, shop for their products and enjoy the great food and atmosphere.

Wageningen Flea Market @ SPORTHAL HET BINNENVELD
Oct 27 all-day

Flea market in Wageningen at Sport complex “Het Binnenveld”

Sunday 27 Oct from 9-16 hour

Secondhand stuff, antics, brocant and vintage.

More information:

Info. Tel 0639108152

Crossing Boarder Festival @ Venues around Spuiplein
Oct 29 – Nov 3 all-day
Crossing Boarder Festival @ Venues around Spuiplein | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

The Crossing Border Festival from 29 October to 3 November in The Hague is one of the most progressive international music and literature festivals in Europe.

The festival invites compelling contemporary and alternative authors and musicians from all over the world, who share a passion for spoken word, lyrics and language. With one-off special performances where music and literature clash and collaborate on stage.

With performances taking place simultaneously on several stages, Crossing Border allows the audience to program their own personal festival in and around Theater aan het Spui. This year’s Crossing Border newly pledges to deliver an immense number of performances that will touch, move, beguile and entice all of us.

International and home-grown talent

As well as courting the biggest names from the international worlds of literature and music, the festival pays a great deal of attention to (still) undiscovered artists.

Friday and Saturday’s evening programmes have no fewer than 50 different events per night.

As a great number of guests come from abroad, English is the main spoken language for most of the events; however some local speakers from the Netherlands will use Dutch. The main language of each event is made clear in the programme.

Side programme

The festival will start with a separate BorderKitchen evening on Tuesday, 29 October with Hungarian author László Krasznahorkai and on Wednesday, 30 October with British author Hilary Mantel.

The awards ceremony for the prestigious European Literature Prize by the Dutch Foundation for Literature takes place on 3 November in the Central Library.

In addition to the multiple festival evenings, the festival will also feature The Chronicles yearly festival residency project, ‘The Addict’ yearly informal network event, ‘Unheard Of’ musical talent showcase, and the Crossing BorderXBorder Sessions: Nature.


The Crossing Border Festival evenings take place from 18.30 to 0.30 hrs. on Friday, 1 November and Saturday, 2 November at 6 locations on and around the Spuiplein in The Hague.

A passe-partout for the evening programme for the whole weekend costs € 51.00 or € 31.00 for individual evenings. Discounts are available for CJP pass holders. Separate tickets are available for other Crossing Border events. These tickets are available on the website of Crossing Border(externe link).

Visit www.crossingborder.nl for complete programme details.

International Storytelling Festival @ Podium Mozaik
Oct 30 – Nov 3 all-day
International Storytelling Festival @ Podium Mozaik | Amsterdam | Noord-Holland | Netherlands

The International Amsterdam Storytelling Festival 2019 will take place until November 3. With a new look and feel created by a new artistic team! A brand new edition with the theme Addiction  in which we present a wide range of international and national storytellers.
Rodan and Sahebdivani, two “brothers” of Israeli and ­Iranian descent, are big names in the storytelling scene, and they guarantee you goosebumps and lots of laugher.

From young talent to established storytellers, including an exciting side program with talks and workshops.


Check out the website for more information and program http://storytellingfestival.nl/

Passe Partout costs 75 Euro, otherwise approx 12,50 Euro per show

Praatcafe – Language Exchange Event @ De Leeszaal
Oct 30 all-day

Rotterdams Praatcafe is a social group for anyone interested in practising Dutch in a cozy environment. Any Dutch language learners can enjoy practising Dutch at ease and with fun. In order to do that, we bring into the group enthusiastic Dutch language learners, professional Dutch teachers, professional language coaches and other social Dutch native speakers. Together we will create creative and social events to make friends, have a lot of fun and practise speaking Dutch. Events will be held in Rotterdam.

They will host a language exchange Rotterdam event on every last Wednesday of the month, where everyone can speak the language(s) he or she wants to socialize in. Wednesday from 19.30-22h.

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam @ Cinerama
Oct 30 – Nov 3 all-day

Wildlife Film Festival Rotterdam 2019: Fifth time in the Netherlands.

The main program of the four-day festival is dedicated to nature films and documentaries and includes a competition section with international entries from both professional and amateur film makers.


Affordable Art Fair @ Kromhouthal
Oct 31 – Nov 3 all-day
Affordable Art Fair @ Kromhouthal | Amsterdam | Noord-Holland | Netherlands


The Affordable Art Fair, the leading global showcase for affordable contemporary art, returns to Amsterdam with the 14th edition from  31 October – 3  November. Showcasing 67 galleries with contemporary local and international talents our 2019 edition promises more originality than ever before! The fair offers a range of contemporary art, all priced between €100 – 7,500, 

With all this on offer and more at the easily accessible Kromhouthal in Amsterdam North, the Affordable Art Fair Amsterdam will be the place discover, fall in love with and take art home!

Leiden International Film Festival @ Varios locations
Oct 31 – Nov 10 all-day
Leiden International Film Festival @ Varios locations | Leiden | South Holland | Netherlands

11 days filled with premieres, special film events, parties, and more: that’s the Leiden International Film Festival. Founded in 2006 and currently one of the Netherlands’ most important film festivals. The 2019 edition will take place from October 31 to November 10, and will feature over 100 films from all over the globe, ranging from arthouse to mainstream, and everything in between.

Greek Bazaar @ Dijkhove
Nov 1 – Nov 3 all-day

Enjoy some Greek sunshine and Mediterranean feeling and taste homemade Greek dishes. There are lots of Greek products for sale like deli’s, home decoration and jewellery.
The Bazaar will be held at Dijkhove, Westzeedijk 4-5, 3015 AA Rotterdam.
Times are as follows: Friday and Saturday from 9 to 21h and on Sunday from 9 to 15h.
I only have a flyer in Greek or in Dutch but all information needed is given above 🙂


Rotterdam Pop Week @ Various Locations
Nov 1 – Nov 10 all-day

The Rotterdam Pop Week: the only week with 10 days! The seventh edition of the Rotterdam Pop Week will be held from 1  until 10 November. The week will consist of a series of pop-related activities, turning the city into a bustling stage of performances and energy.

Over 160 bands/acts play at more than 65 locations during the Rotterdam Pop Week. Includes the Rotterdam Pop Quiz, Popronde and the finals of the Sena Grand Prize of Rotterdam.
Some events are free!…. Check out the programme here

Autumn Market of British Club The Hague @ The Pastoral Centre
Nov 1 @ 10:30 – 13:00

There will be a warm welcome for you at the British Club’s Autumn Market on Friday 1 November. Get all your holiday shopping done early – we have everything from Christmas cards and paper to unique handcrafted gifts to suit everyone on your list!

Perhaps a treat for yourself, as well? Enjoy coffee or tea in our Market Café with home-baked goodies from the Club’s own stall, then stock up on jam, marmelade, mince pies, and other delicious bakes to take home and maybe put in the freezer.


A cappella concert @ Arburetum Church
Nov 2 – Nov 3 all-day

Rondje om de kerk

A capella concert in the Arboretumkerk on Satuday at 20h and Sunday at 15h 

Tickets are 10 Euro for adults and 5 for children from 

and can be bought 30 min before the start of the concert in the church.


International Food Court and Craft Gift Market @ American Protestant Church of The Hague
Nov 2 all-day
International Food Court and Craft Gift Market @ American Protestant Church of The Hague


APCH International Food Court and Craft Gift market
The American Protestant Church of The Hague will hold its annual Autumn Bazaar on Saturday, 3 November. The bazaar is a major fundraising initiative by the Women’s Group of the church in support of various charities around the world.

The Bazaar will offer a tasty choice in homemade pies and baked goods, plus an international food kitchen. For the gift giving season there is a colourful choice in ‘one of a kind’ hand stitched quilts, crafts, cards and jewellery. Read all here: ARTISAN GIFTS APCH GIFT MARKET

There is always a bargain to be found in the huge collection of second hand books, clothing, CDs and DVDs, accessories and household items.

Whether you are looking for a special Christmas gift, or just something interesting to eat during the weekend, this is the place to be.

More information
The Autumn Bazaar will be held from 10.00 to 16.00 hrs. on Saturday, 3 November at the American Protestant Church (Esther de Boer-van Rijklaan 20) in The Hague.

Entrance is free. All proceeds support charities worldwide.

For more information, send an e-mail to: office@apch.nl. You can also visit the website of the American Protestant Church at www.apch.nl.

Nov 2 all-day
Irish Club Children's Halloween Party 2019The Irish Club of the Netherlands invites all children 0 – 13 years to their annual children’s fancy dress Hallowe’en party. There’ll be food, fun and of courses prizes for the scariest outfits.
Everyone is welcome but you need to register by October 29th by emailing clairegiblin@hotmal.co.uk
ICN members – 4 euros, non-members 5 euros
Kino Special: Stories from Berlin @ Kino Rotterdam
Nov 2 – Dec 24 all-day

Exactly thirty years after the fall of the Berlin Wall KINO looks back at the city’s rich cinematic history through eight feature films, an epic television series and a riveting music documentary spanning over eight decades. Starting November 2nd we take a kaleidoscopic deep dive into a city that for better and for worse dictated the cultural agenda of a continent like no other city has done in the 20th century. In partnership with the Goethe Institute we bring you a selection of films that defined the many aspects of this sprawling metropole and its people.


All with English subtitles

Kunst in de Kazerne – Open Day at Krayenhoff barracks @ Krayenhoff barracks
Nov 2 – Nov 3 all-day
Kunst in de Kazerne - Open Day at Krayenhoff barracks @ Krayenhoff barracks | Nijmegen | Gelderland | Netherlands

Open Studios in the Krayenhoff barracks on 2 and November 3 
Every year in the month of October / November Krayenhoff barracks organizes the annual Open Studios, where visitors come to take a look at the studios of 38 artists. Get in touch with the artists, view the artwork and possibly buy some art.