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Exhibition: Fashion Statements @ Amsterdam Museum
Apr 30 – Sep 9 all-day

Tiny waists and (hence) corsets are on show at the Amsterdam Museum where the 18th and 19th century costume collection is given an airing. What are these clothes telling us about the conventions of the time and their effects on the wearers? And are our modern-day equivalents equally restrictive and prescriptive in their own way? A number of designers have taken the costumes as an inspiration and created their own. Fashion Statements is on until September 9


Free with museum card

Delft Fringe Festival @ City Centre
Jun 8 – Jun 18 all-day

Delft·Fringe·Fes·ti·val (the; plural: unique) 1. uninhibited cultural 2. connects young artist with enthousiasts; 3. public performance of theatre, art, dance, music, etc. 4. Delft transforms into an extraordinary multi-day stage.

Delft Fringe Festival is a leading festival where up-and-coming talents, old souls and free spirits provoke cultural goosebumps. The divers program connects musicians, dancers, theatre performers and other performing artists to enthousiasts, epicureans, connoisseurs and discoverers. Delft Fringe Festival will let you discover Delft in an exciting new theatrical way.

Enjoy your visit
Are you looking for performances where language is no problem? Or you don’t speak Dutch? No Problem! Look for the LNP-indication in the program for performances in English, visual theatre or dance performances.

Festival Opening Hours

Friday 19:30 – 23:00

Saturday 13:30 – 23:00

Sunday 13:30 – 23:00

Monday 13.30- 17.00

Festival Classique @ Kurhaus and other locations
Jun 13 – Jun 23 all-day

Festival Classique in Scheveningen
From 13 to 23 June Festival Classique presents classical music on a grand scale in The Hague’s seaside resort of Scheveningen. The performances are all unique in their combination of theatre, dance and classical music and will bring to life the rich musical past of this historic location.

Festival Classique is a 10-day classical music festival which combines various art forms such as dance, theatre, visual art and film. festival attempts to lower the cultural threshold by taking a more contemporary approach, without lowering the high quality standards of classical music.

This summer Festival Classique will present dozens of performances and concerts at locations in Scheveningen, including the Kurhaus, Zuiderstrand, Scheveningen Pier and Lourdeskerk.

Programme highlights
Festival Classique opens on Thursday, 13 June with ‘Aida at Sea’ on the Zuiderstrand. For this beach opera a project choir of more than 300 singers, talented dancers, wonderful soloists, Theatre Choir Dario Fo and a 12-piece orchestra join their forces.

Festival Classique has programmed a number of new performances for this festival edition, which will take place in the vibrant heart of Scheveningen. With a surprising partnership between singer Karima el Fillali and the Residentie Orkest conducted by chief conductor Nicholas Collon in the Kurhaus. The appealing music of Rimsky-Korsakov takes you along in the tales of the development of the love between the Sultan and Sheherazade from the book One Thousand and One Nights.

The festival will again feature the Ferris wheel concerts: an exclusive and extraordinary experience providing a superb panoramic view.

Music for all ages
Festival Classique offers a classical music experience for all ages. Naturally there will again be numerous free performances such as the new musical theatre show ‘Les Fauves’ as well as Sunset concerts in the various beach restaurants.

More info
Festival Classique takes place this year from 13 to 23 June at various locations in Scheveningen including the Kurhaus, the Pier and the beach.

For more information about the festival, check the programme on the website of Festival Classique. Tickets can be purchased through www.festivalclassique.nl.


Oerol Festival @ Terschelling
Jun 14 – Jun 23 all-day

Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, street theatre, art and music.

Terschellings Oerol festival has a reputation as one of the most fun, most exceptional theatre festivals in Europe. From its roots as a small festival in 1982, Oerol has grown to become a true phenomenon. Every June, the island of Terschelling in the Wadden Sea is transformed for ten days into a unique natural stage for theatre, dance, street theatre, art and music. The shows are created or adapted specially for the exceptional locations where there are performed. From theatre spectacle to mime, from intimate musical theatre to hilarious circus shows, from Westerns to interactive installations: you will find all of this and more in the dunes, on the beaches, in the woods, on the dikes, in sheds and barns and simply on the streets.

With 130.000 tickets sold each year Oerol is a big theatrefestival that bridges the gap between emerging artists and a large audience. Hundreds of (inter)national programmers scout new work here. Besides this significant contribution to promoting mobility, Oerol also creates a temporary society in which artists and audience meet for several, consecutive days over which relationships deepen. With 75% of revenues coming from non-governmental bodies Oerol is a true cultural entrepreneur.

We are delighted to be your guide to the next edition of the Oerol festival – a fascination born from the passion of one man, and since then transmitted to tens of thousands. It is a great privilege to be able to share this fascination with so many others. Each year, the energy the festival generates attracts hundreds of artists to the island, and thanks to the endless curiosity of all the visitors, they feel the freedom to create new works, to experiment, investigate and present these.

Open Air Theatre @ Vondelpark
Jun 15 – Sep 8 all-day
From June through September every year, the Vondelpark Open Air Theatre presents a programme packed with festivals, dance, cabaret, jazz, children’s theatre, stand-up comedy and all genres of music.

Cultural fun for everyone

Head to the Open Air Theatre in the Vondelpark to catch unique summertime performances. From 5 June until 8 September 2019 you’ll find a lot going on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Entry is free, although all voluntary donations are appreciated. During May and September 2019, there are special events, markets and one-off festivals taking place.

Theatrical heritage

Amsterdam’s Vondelpark is steeped in musical and theatrical history. The ‘Vondelpark Parties’ were organised in the park and the Music Pavilion and Vondelpark Stage both hosted music, operetta and dance performances over the years. The Vondelpark Open Air Theatre sprang into life in 1974, combining the ‘Vondelpark Parties’ and so-called ‘Happenings’ – the name given to the performances organised at the time.

For more information and full programme listings, check theVondelpark Open Air Theatre website .

Open Garden Days @ Amsterdam
Jun 15 – Jun 17 all-day

or one weekend only, visit the pristine gardens of some of Amsterdam’s finest canal houses and experience the quiet oases during Open Garden Days, taking place every June.

Amsterdam gardens open to the public
Hidden behind the stately façades of the houses along Amsterdam’s canals lie some of the city’s best-kept secrets: private gardens. For one weekend in June you can look behind these impressive canal-side homes and step into a completely different world, where a quiet green oasis welcomes visitors.

Canal house life
Very few of these canal house gardens are usually open to the public year round, but each year some 30 of them are accessible to visitors during Open Tuinen Dagen, or Open Garden Days. Presented by the Museum Van Loon you’ll see both classic and contemporary gardens, all beautifully manicured with hedges, ponds and fountains. Indulge yourself and romanticise the canal house life and how the other half lived as, according to the Open Garden Days website, many of these stately homes were occupied by families only in the colder months, vacating to their summer estates when it got warmer.

For more information
A ticket allowing access to all of the gardens costs €20 at the door, €18 if you buy in advance. You can purchase tickets in advance via the Museum Van Loon website, exchanging your voucher for a ticket on the day of the event. The gardens are open from 10:00 to 17:00 on each day of the event.

Free Expat Housing Seminar @ House of Watt
Jun 18 @ 18:30 – 21:00

All you need to know about the legal, financial, tax and practical matters of buying a home in the Netherlands.

Next seminar: Tuesday 18 June, House of Watt, Amsterdam

Curious to see what you can expect at one of our Expat Housing Seminars?

The program:
18:30 Registration, welcome drinks and snacks.
19:00 The mortgage advisor will outline the rules for taking out a mortgage loan for your home.
19:15 The estate agent will explain how the house hunting process works and how an estate agent can prevent you from making costly mistakes.
19:30 The civil law notary specialized on the diverse property market will explain all the legal aspect of buying a property in the Netherlands.
19.45 The tax advisor will explain the tax implications and advantages related to finance your primary residence as well as the 30% ruling.
20:00 Question & Answer session with all the speakers.
20:30 Refreshments and the possibility to mingle with the speakers

Please sign up here: http://www.expathousingseminar.nl/


Sail op Scheveningen – Maritime Event @ Scheveningen Harbour
Jun 20 – Jun 23 all-day

Sail op Scheveningen
The Liberty Tall Ships Regatta ‘Sail op Scheveningen’ will take place in Scheveningen Harbour from 20 to 23 June. Approximately 25 special Tall Ships, replicas and large oceangoing sailing ships from 10 countries can be seen in the harbour of Scheveningen.

Scheveningen will be the last stop of the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta which starts in Rouen, Normandy, to commemorate the 75-year anniversary of D-Day.

Special ships from around the world
This international maritime event is unique because you can admire the large oceangoing sailing ships (including a number of windjammers) from close up and go on board free of charge.

The fleet is made up of a unique collection of oceangoing sailing ships from the United States, Mexico, Brazil, Oman, Romania and France. In addition, you can see a number of replicas of ships from the Golden Age from Spain and Russia in the harbour of Scheveningen. Of the 25 sailing ships that will come to Scheveningen, 10 of them will be in the Netherlands for the first time.

Sail with the ships
For a unique maritime sailing experience, buy a ticket to sail on 1 of these special ships. Tickets can be purchased through the website.

Programme highlights
Thursday, 20 June
10.00 hrs.: Sail-In Parade
11.00 to 22.30 hrs.: Free visits to the ships, round trips (for a fee), street theatre quayside and food market
22.30 hrs.: Fireworks display

Friday, 21 June
16.00 hrs.: Crew parade
17.15 hrs.: Awards ceremony for the Liberty Tall Ships Regatta
22.30 hrs.: Fireworks display

Saturday, 22 June
11.00 to 22.30 hrs.: Free visits to the ships, round trips (for a fee), street theatre quayside and food market
22.30 hrs.: Fireworks display

Sunday, 23 June
11.00 to 22.30 hrs.: Free visits to the ships, round trips (for a fee), street theatre quayside and food market
16.00 hrs.: Sail-Out Parade
22.30 hrs.: Fireworks display

More info
For more information about the daily programme and to purchase tickets to sail on a boat, go to sailopscheveningen.nl.

De Parade – Moving Open Air Theatre @ Museum Park
Jun 21 – Aug 25 all-day

In the summer of 2019, theatre festival The Parade travels through the Netherlands for the 29th year. The festival kicks off in Rotterdam, and from there it will continue its journey with colorful tents, restaurants and terrace cafes to The Hague and Utrecht, before winding up in Amsterdam.

The Parade offers something for everyone, with over 80 different theatre, music, and dance performances for all ages. Café Correct and Katrina will host free music every night, and visitors are invited to enjoy cocktails, soul food, BBQs and much more at one of the many terrace cafes.

Performances that are suitable for non-Dutch-speakers are indicated with a LNP logo (Language No Problem).

Museum Park, Rotterdam June 21 – 30

Westbroek Park, The Hague July 5-14

Moreelse Park, Utrecht July 19 – Aug 4

Martin Luther King Park, Amsterdam, August 9 to 25. www.deparade.nl

Happy Spirit Days @ Farm in Blaricum
Jun 21 – Jun 23 all-day


With the success of the first two editions still fresh in the memory, the Happy Spirit Days 2019 are just around the corner. The charming festival again promises three days full of leading speakers, contemporary workshops and performances in an atmospheric and intimate setting. You can follow a yin yoga class with live drums, harp or a DJ, catch your breath with renowned breathing coach Tom van Huijstee and philosopher Stine Jensen provides eastern solutions for western problems. There is also a lot to experience at the festival site between the companies. In the Happy Garden you enjoy special bites and experts provide insight into life and future. There are many other beautiful things to discover at the Happy Bazaar 24/7; experiences that are made even more beautiful by the charms of the rural terrain. Happy Spirit Days 2019 take place on Friday 21, Saturday 22 & Sunday 23 June on an authentic farm in the middle of the country.

With both feet in the farm grass
Wise words, swinging sessions and life-changing workshops – at the Happy Spirit Days you choose from the program offerings than 45 leading people. Tijn Touber gives his best of meditation again, Jesse van der Velde lets you find the inner silence in yourself and well-known performance artist Jennifer Ann and Buddhist monk Olande Ananda come to the Netherlands for the occasion. Getting acquainted, deepening knowledge or just curious – on the Happy Spirit Days you will find all the ingredients for a balanced life.

Both for beginners and advanced. Whether you meditate daily or have never sat on the yoga mat: here you will find inspiration for heart and head, with both legs in the farm grass. An accessible feel-good festival where it is especially fun, everyone feels at home and you also gain new inspiration.

About the Happy Spirit Days
Happy Spirit Days is an incredibly fun and good festival on and around a beautiful private farm in atmospheric Gooi. Inside and outside merge into each other with spaces that maintain a lot of contact with the environment. The festival will be held on Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June 2019 and is open from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday until 9 p.m. To guarantee the small-scale nature, no more than 300 cards are available per day. The festival with free tea and coffee is easily accessible, both by public transport and by car; parking on the opposite site is free. Each ticket includes three workshops of your choice. For more information & tickets, see www.happyspiritdays.nl.

InterNations White Summer Event @ CitizenM Hotel
Jun 21 all-day

On Friday evening, 21 June InterNations will  get-together at CitizenM Hotel  in Rotterdam from 19.30-00.30 h. Entrance is 10 Euro. You can join InterNations and become a member:


Pijnackerplein Bluegrass Festival @ Pijnackerplein
Jun 21 – Jun 23 all-day

Pijnackerplein Bluegrass Festival takes place on Friday 21, Saturday 22 and Sunday 23 June 2019.The festival includes a wide range of bluegrass live acts with a variety of (inter) national artists in the field of bluegrass.

To hear
Expect high-profile bands and artists, inspired by American roots out of the first half of the last century influenced by bluegrass, swamp blues, hillbilly, country, folk, soul, western swing, rockabilly and gospel. The festival line up can be found here: http://www.bluegrassfestival.nl/line-up

To do
During the festival there will be lots of related activities like master classes, jam sessions, comic drawing workshops and a comics exhibition. The bluegrass fair offers plenty of goodies, clothing, music, instruments and a variety of home-made food. The festival is free.

Mooi Weer Spelen – Street Art Festival @ Around the Market in Delft
Jun 21 @ 03:00 – Jun 23 @ 17:00

From Friday evening 21until Sunday afternoon 23 JUNE
Two days full of street artists, street comedy, acrobatics, dance and music in the city centre of Delft.


Please find more information here: https://www.mooiweerspelen.nl/straatkunstfestival


Artis ZOOmeravonden (Summer Saturday-Nights at the Zoo) @ Artis Zoo
Jun 22 all-day

Artis in the evening – Saturday evenings in June/July/August

In June, July and August, ARTIS Amsterdam Royal Zoo will be open every Saturday until sunset. These late openings will feature kids’ activities, performances by new musical talent as well as established artists and special events at the Planetarium. Off to ARTIS!

Picnic in the grass, get a curry from the stand near de Hazelaar or order a pizza from our outdoor kitchen. Discover how plants keep you and the world around you healthy or get hands-on with greenery at one of the workshops. Round off the evening with a special guided tour of the park at twilight.

The name ZOOmeravonden is a play on words with Zoo and Zomer, the Dutch for summer, while ‘avonden’ means evenings. The Artis Royal Zoo is just east of the city’s centre. For more information visit the Artis Royal Zoo website.


For August there are still tickets with discount available, these are 22 Euro pp

Fantastic Gymnastics – Dutch Finals @ Ahoy Rotterdam
Jun 22 – Jun 23 all-day

Dutch national champions in gymnastics on bars, rings and floor, trampoline, free running and jazz and street dance all take part in this multi-disciplinary event.

There is also a Movement Area where visitors can have a go at all the sports featured.

Ahoy, Rotterdam, June 22 and 23. www.ahoy.nl

Please find an overview here https://dutchgymnastics.nl/evenementen/dutch-gymnastics-the-finals

Gin Festival Rotterdam @ Cruise Terminal
Jun 22 all-day

On Saturday, June 22, the Cruise Terminal Rotterdam will be converted into Gin-Tempel for the second time. Hundreds of great brands from home and abroad come together here to present themselves. And with loads of brands from around Rotterdam, as this is kind of the beating heart of the Dutch distilling world! The spirits can be tasted, which is included in the admission price, listen to speakers from different countries and you can enjoy the great view while enjoying an ice-cold Gin-Tonic!

Open Garden Days @ Various locations
Jun 22 – Jun 23 all-day

Open Gardens weekend
Take a peek behind the gates of The Hague’s private gardens and discover gems during the Open Gardens weekend in The Hague on 22 and 23 June. More than 40 gardens will be taking part this year.

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Every 2 years homeowners in The Hague throw open the doors to their gardens and show off their amazing green thumbs. You will be made privy to some of the city’s best kept secrets: from historic and traditional to new and experimental and the programme includes private gardens, roof gardens, community allotments and gardens belonging to historic buildings, institutions and shops.

What better way to spend your weekend than by being surrounded by lush green plants and trees with a multitude of flowers and strolling through the picturesque gardens of The Hague?

Please note: A number of gardens are accessible only via stairs. This will be indicated in the description of the garden in the booklet.

More info
The Open Gardens weekend takes place from 11.00 to 17.00 hrs. on Saturday, 22 June and Sunday, 23 June.

Special booklets with the addresses of the participating gardens will serve as your admission ticket. These booklets can be purchased for € 4.00 per person at 4 special sales points. The booklets will indicate whether the garden is open on Saturday, Sunday or both days.

A good way to visit the gardens is by bicycle.

Only a limited number of booklets is available due to the maximum number of visitors which the garden can receive.

More information can be found at https://struineninhaagsetuinen.nl/.

Sao Joao Festival @ Heemraadsplein
Jun 22 all-day

Many southern countries organize a midsummer festival in honor of John the Baptist. In Rotterdam, this takes the form of São João, a Cape Verdean festival, to which everyone is invited!
Cape Verdean music, exhibitions, food and drinks.
Learn more about Cape Verdean culture! Singing, dancing, workshops, exhibitions and delicious food: plenty to do for everyone! Special children’s workshops are provided for young visitors.

13 to 22 h

Atlantikwall Museum open on Sundays only @ Scheveningen
Jun 23 all-day

The Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen feature several original German bunkers from the Second World War. The figurehead of the Atlantikwall Museum Scheveningen is the command bunker in the complex Widerstandsnest 318 (Verteidigungsstab Badhuisweg). A man-bunker has also been set up in this complex and a toilet bunker has been made accessible. On regular open days it is possible to visit the command bunker, and there are volunteers ready to provide information and answer questions.

Widerstandsnest 318 Scheveningen
The primary museum location of the foundation is an authentically furnished command bunker of the type 608 (Bataillons-, Abteilungs- oder Regiments-Gefechtsstand). From this bunker and nearby villas in the Second World War the military command of Stützpunkgruppe Scheveningen was conducted by the occupying forces. The bunker is largely original and gives you the unique experience of a tangible past. There are also original historical objects of German, British, Canadian and American forces on display.

Man’s bunker
In the adjacent man-bunker bunker of the type 622 (Doppelgruppenunterstand) on the Badhuisweg there is a ‘time capsule’: one of the two lounges is furnished with exclusively unrestored objects. You get the impression that the bunker has remained untouched since the end of the Second World War. In reality, most bunkers in the Netherlands were looted after the war and stripped of all valuable parts. The other room is an exhibition space for photographs, art and historical objects.

The bunkers on the Badhuisweg are located at numbers 119-133, next to De Boshut coffee house. The museum is accessible by tram line 9. Get off at the Cremerweg stop, from there it is a two minute walk to the bunker. Car is free to park within walking distance of the museum

Entrance is 4 Euro (cash) and 2 Euro for children until 12 years.


Get loose – Hip Hop festival @ Afrikanderplein
Jun 23 all-day

Hiphop returns to Rotterdam and presents itself at the first edition of Get Loose Festival! With musicians, artists and delicious local soul food.

Line-up can be found here: https://www.getloosefestival.nl/line-up/

UEN Family Day at Archeon @ Archeon
Jun 23 all-day

We are very happy to invite you and your family to our annual UEN Family Event on Sunday 23 June. 
This year we will visit the open air museum Archeon in Alphen a/d Rijn.

Let us experience the Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval periods in the Netherlands together at Archeon.
Countless huts, houses, farms bring forgotten days back to life. Watch out for Archeon’s inhabitants; they are very interested in people from the future :-). As we walk through Archeon we will learn everything about the daily life of people who lived hundreds of years ago. We will learn how to make a fire, watch a blacksmith at work, get your first archery lessons and so much more…
There is also a big playground available. See map of the park.

UEN Family Event at Archeon
Sunday 23 June at 11h
We have arranged a guided tour of the Roman period from 11.30-13.00h

UEN will cover the entrance fee for all children and pay for the guided tour. 
Entrance for adults is 22,90 (free if you have a museum card)
(Please pay beforehand onto our UEN account: NL37 INGB 0003 4144 33 (stating Archeon)

Of course, you are also welcome if you don’t have children 🙂

Archeon is easy to reach by car. Address is Archeonlaan 1, 2408ZB Alphen aan den Rijn. There is parking available at 6,95 Euro per car. Dogs are also allowed (3,50 Euro and on the leash)
By public transport you can take the train to Alphen a/d Rijn and walk approx. 15 minutes. There is no bus connection.

As we have now booked one guided tour for 20 persons, it would be great if you could RSVP as soon as possible. So, in case we are more persons, we have the chance to book another tour. If the link doesn’t work please send a mail to monika.voster@unilever.com

Looking forward to going back in time with you!
Kind regards / met vriendelijke groeten,

Pallavi and Monika
Family Event team
Unilever Expatriate Network

UEN Family Day at Archeon History Park @ Archeon
Jun 23 all-day

We are very happy to invite you and your family to our annual UEN Family Event on Sunday 23 June.
This year we will visit the open air museum Archeon in Alphen a/d Rijn.

Let us experience the Prehistoric, Roman and Medieval periods in the Netherlands together at Archeon.
Countless huts, houses, farms bring forgotten days back to life. Watch out for Archeon’s inhabitants; they are very interested in people from the future :-). As we walk through Archeon we will learn everything about the daily life of people who lived hundreds of years ago. We will learn how to make a fire, watch a blacksmith at work, get your first archery lessons and so much more…
There is also a big playground available. See map of the park.

UEN Family Event at Archeon
Sunday 23 June at 11h
We have arranged a guided tour of the Roman period from 11.30-13.00h
UEN will cover the entrance fee for all children and pay for the guided tour.
Entrance for adults is 22,90 (free if you have a museum card)
(Please pay beforehand onto our UEN account: NL37 INGB 0003 4144 33 (stating Archeon)

Of course, you are also welcome if you don’t have children 🙂

Archeon is easy to reach by car. Address is Archeonlaan 1, 2408ZB Alphen aan den Rijn. There is parking available at 6,95 Euro per car. Dogs are also allowed (3,50 Euro and on the leash)
By public transport you can take the train to Alphen a/d Rijn and walk approx. 15 minutes. There is no bus connection.

Looking forward to going back in time with you!

I Love HipHop Festival @ Various Locations
Jun 26 – Jun 30 all-day

The Hague will be transformed into a hip hop city from 26 to 30 June during the international I Love HipHop Festival. Fans of this subculture can live it up during a series of concerts, master classes and festivals.

Hip hop is a musical genre consisting of a stylised rhythmic music that commonly accompanies rapping. It developed as part of hip hop culture, a subculture defined by 4 key stylistic elements: MCing/rapping, DJing/scratching, breaking/dancing, and graffiti writing. Other elements include sampling (or synthesis) and beatboxing.

The festival will partner with young artists, designers and artists from kindred movements. This makes I Love HipHop bigger than hip hop and even more interesting to a wider audience.

Highlights of the week
Hip hop lovers can enjoy themselves the entire week in The Hague with a wealth of performances, parties, master classes, workshops, demonstrations and a movie night in Filmhuis Den Haag.

The highlight of the week is the I Love HipHop festival in the Nieuwe Kerk on Saturday, 29 June. With street art, breakdance battles and live shows by hip hop artists.

The organisation will also have its own stage with an enormous street art wall in the special I Love HipHop area at Parkpop on Sunday, 30 June with breakdance battles and live paintings.

More information
Tickets for the I Love HipHop Festival from 13.00 to 23.00 hrs. on Saturday, 29 June cost € 12.00 in advance and € 15.00 at the door. Tickets are available at ilovehiphop.myonline.store.

Almost all of the other activities during the I Love HipHop Week (apart from some of the master classes) are free.

For more information go to www.ilovehiphop.nl.

Praatcafe – Language Exchange Event @ Kua Taco Bar
Jun 26 all-day

Rotterdams Praatcafe is a social group for anyone interested in practising Dutch in a cozy environment. Any Dutch language learners can enjoy practising Dutch at ease and with fun. In order to do that, we bring into the group enthusiastic Dutch language learners, professional Dutch teachers, professional language coaches and other social Dutch native speakers. Together we will create creative and social events to make friends, have a lot of fun and practise speaking Dutch. Events will be held in Rotterdam.

They will host a language exchange Rotterdam event on every last Wednesday of the month, where everyone can speak the language(s) he or she wants to socialize in. Wednesday from 19.30-22h.

InJazz (Jazz event) @ Various Locations in Rotterdam
Jun 27 – Jun 28 all-day

InJazz consists of InFestival (free for everyone) and InConference (with tickets). InConference is the most important jazz networking event in the Netherlands.

Shows by prominent jazz artists will take place in LantarenVenster, Hotel New York and Kantine walhalla.

There are also many free concerts. Please check here: https://www.injazz.nl/infestival/

Leiden Culinair – Food Event @ Lammermarkt
Jun 27 – Jun 30 all-day

Leiden Culinair, which takes place the same week as Lakenfeesten, is one of the great food events of the summer.

For four days in June, the Lammermarkt in downtown Leiden and its surroundings become the focal point where restaurants present their best dishes. Expect food encounters, both familiar and surprising, culinary discoveries and top-notch entertainment.

Food celebrations in the streets of Leiden

Inspiration, accessibility and quality are the defining features of the festival. The historic city of Leiden becomes a meeting point for everybody, from residents to visitors, from private local businesses to municipalities and social organisations. Each participating restaurant has its own stand in the street, therefore the square is one large terrace serving scrumptious food.

Visitors can enjoy Leiden Culinair at the following times:

.>Thursday, June 27 from 5pm-11 pm
>Friday, June 28 from 4pm-12am
>Saturday, June 29 from 2pm-1am
>Sunday, June 30 from 1pm-9.30pm

A programme full of food and entertainment

Have a look at the participating restaurants on the Leiden Culinair website and feast your eyes on what is sure to be a gastronomic celebration to remember. There will also be an exciting programme full of live bands.


Source: IamExpat

Leiden Lakenfestival @ Various Locations
Jun 27 – Jun 30 all-day

From 27-30 June you will be able to enjoy the Leiden Lakenfeesten once again! During the Lakenfeesten there will be a host of activities to choose from. What about the Rabobank Peurbakkentocht (crazy decorated boat race), dragonboat races, Leiden Culinary, the Summer funfair, the Leiden Beer Festival, the children’s village and lots of live music. On 29 June, many residents of Leiden will climb into a “peurbak”. This parade of extravagantly decorated boats through the Leiden canals traditionally draws a huge crowd. The 2019 edition of the Lakenfeesten will, as always, equal a four days’ straight party!

Friday, June 228
› The Peurbakkentocht, city centre (starts at the Beestenmarkt), 7pm – 9pm
Saturday, June 29
› Dragon boat races, Apothekersdijk and Boommarkt, 11am – 5pm
› Leiden Beer Festival, Hooglandse Kerkplein, 2pm – 10pm
Sunday, June 30
› Leiden Golden Age Fair, van der Werfpark, 11am – 5pm
› De Gouden Pet, street musicians’ concours, Hooglandse Kerkgracht, 1pm – 7pm


Please find entire progamme here

North Sea Round Town @ Various Locations
Jun 27 – Jul 14 all-day

NORTH SEA ROUND TOWN is the annual FRINGE FESTIVAL of North Sea Jazz that offers a  free and varied program taking place in Rotterdam from JUNE 27 – JULY 14 2019 , with the best that Rotterdam has to offer related to jazz. At dozens of locations:  in the street, in unexpected places, pop-ups and major jazz venues.

A lively celebration of music with over 200 concerts, including talented young musicians, shows, master classes, lectures, jam sessions, street shows and after-parties, across more than two weeks. Join us on a musical discovery across Rotterdam: from jazz and hiphop via blues and soul to every conceivable cross-over!

Many of the concerts are free!

Please click here for the programme http://www.northsearoundtown.nl/programma/2019/lijst/

Jazz Festival Hillegersberg @ 3 Stages in Hillegersberg
Jun 28 @ 17:00 – Jun 30 @ 21:00

This is a Free, cosy and surprising Jazz Festival in Rotterdam Hillegersberg. Inhabitants and Jazz lovers know for a long time already: those who like to enjoy sparkling live-music and see surprising artists perform will visit the Facet Jazz festival. Starting from Friday afternoon to Sunday evening (28 – 30 June) the village heart of Hillegersberg  will be transformed into swinging epicenter for the 34th time.


Please check out the entire programme here


Shop til you drop – shopping night @ Center of The Hague
Jun 28 @ 17:00 – 23:45

Shopping Night
Shop til you drop on Friday, 28 June during Shopping Night. Stores will remain open until midnight. Expect serious discounts and interesting items. You may also look forward to spectacular shows, awesome decoration and entertainment, fashion shows, free workshops and fantastic food to guarantee an unforgettable shopping night.

Only at this special Shopping Night, many stores will be offering interesting discounts on their collections; the later on the evening, the more discount will be offered. Also free goodie bags and samples will be yours for the asking. Each and every fashion lover will have a blast at Shopping Night 2019. In fact, all visitors will find something to suit their tastes, from household accessories to hi-fi items or beauty and lifestyle products.

Loads of entertainment
Shopping Night The Hague is no ordinary Friday night, but rather a delightful shopping experience combined with culture, music, DJs, food and entertainment in the city centre of The Hague.

Enjoy exceptional acts, inspiring workshops, VIP treatments and explore the shopping streets of this city. To find out about the offers, special treats and full programme, make sure you visit shoppingnight.nl.

About Shopping Night
Shopping Night is a spectacular event that has grown and developed throughout the years. While in the beginning Shopping Night was focused on shopping and big discounts, now Shopping Night has grown into a complete event with food, shopping, entertainment and culture.

More info
Shopping Night will be held from 17.00 hrs. to midnight on Friday, 28 June in downtown The Hague.

To find out about the offers, special treats and full programme, go to www.shoppingnight.nl or the Facebook page of Shopping Night: facebook.com/ShoppingNightDH