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Exhibition at Rijksmuseum: All the Rembrandts @ Rijksmuseum
Feb 15 @ 12:15 – Jun 10 @ 17:15

Sketcher of selfies and etcher of Instagram stories – the first ever comprehensive display of Rembrandt’s work at the Rijksmuseum shows the ‘rebel’ 17th century artist in a new light.

The display, Alle Rembrandts, opens on Friday and runs until 10th June, and is predicted to be a blockbuster.

For the first time, the museum in Amsterdam is showing all of its 22 paintings, 60 drawings and the best prints of its 300 etchings by the Leiden-born artist Rembrandt van Rijn.

Many of these fragile pieces – which are displayed in a dramatic half-light– have been in storage waiting for the exhibition and will afterwards go back to recover.

Taco Dibbits, general director of the Rijksmuseum, predicts the exhibition showing Rembrandt’s keen observation of daily life as well as his power as a grandiose storyteller would strike a chord with the modern public.

‘The Rijksmuseum has the world’s largest and most representative oversight of Rembrandt’s work, and for the first time we are showing everything in the house,’ said Dibbits at a press viewing.

‘When you walk into this exhibition, you walk into Rembrandt’s life – Rembrandt the rebel, who does not follow the rules of art, who isn’t about beauty but about the raw reality. He draws all of us in our beauty, our ugliness, our imperfections, joy and grief.’

He said that he was personally most struck by the often tiny etches and drawings of Rembrandt, showing his bedroom, his wife Saskia in pregnancy and terminal sickness and – most of all – himself.

‘He draws himself like no other artist,’ said Dibbits, ‘with more selfies – if I could call them that – than you can imagine. He often “photographs” himself, and he was the first artist to put himself, his friends, and family, the landscape, even a shell, into an etching.’

Erik Hinterding, curator of the exhibition, said it aimed to display the engaging, personal quality of his work from quick sketches of funny faces to the human faces painted into imagined Biblical scenes.

‘He was a sort of Instagrammer,’ he said. ‘He made kind of snapshots of what was happening at home, with his wife Saskia [sick] in bed: no artist before him had let us into his bedroom, and it really touches you. It’s so personal.’

The exhibition is organised in two halves: the first, focusing on Rembrandt’s observations of people and everyday life from his father and mother to a random man, woman and child urinating in public. The second shows how he dramatised these real faces into grand scenes from the Bible and large-scale paintings.

His sketches and etchings – works needled into a copper plate, treated with acid and then printed – are often tiny. Some show him pulling faces, visages lined with wrinkles or salacious images – a man looking up a woman’s skirt, or a woman sitting naked with a man’s hat on the table beside her.

According to Dibbits, this mixture of observation of the ordinary plus extraordinary ability is what makes Rembrandt’s art so ‘recognisable’. ‘Rembrandt is for everyone – it’s for the world.’

The display is part of a series of exhibitions across the Netherlands in honour of the artist, 350 years after his death. The Rijksmuseum has also published its first biography, aiming to tell a fact-based tale of the life of the ‘rebel’ and miller’s son alongside his works.

Visitors can listen to an audio explanation of the new show in four languages via the museum’s app as well as through conventional devices.

Source: dutchnews.nl

Tulip Festival @ various locations in Amsterdam
Apr 1 – Apr 30 all-day

The month of April will see tulips of various varieties blooming in beds and pots at 85 locations around the city of Amsterdam. For instance, there are tulips in the fountain on the Museumplein, alongside the roads on Van der Pekstraat in Noord, on the wharves outside the Eye film museum and Nemo, the science museum. One tulip bulb has been planted for every resident of Amsterdam, which comes down to 800.000!!

Various locations, Amsterdam, April 1 until April30.

A festival guide can be bought for 2 Euro at various informationpoints, you can find them on http://www.tulpfestival.com/

National Museum Week @ 400 Museums
Apr 8 – Apr 14 all-day

About National Museum Week 2019

During National Museum Week 2019 over 400 museums throughout the Netherlands participate in a celebration of the country’s rich cultural capital by offering special entry fees and organising various activities.

During this week, many museums choose to grant access at a discount or even for free.

This year’s theme

This year’s theme is “Our real gold”, inspiring museums to show off their true treasures and showpieces. Museums revive the past by storing and exhibiting the world’s treasures, offering us an escape from our daily fast-paced routines.

Throughout the museums, seven real golden treasures are flaunted as this year’s grand attraction.

Museum card

If this week leaves you hungry for more, you may be interested in purchasing one of the many useful cultural cards and passes the Netherlands has to offer; the museum card. This card costs 64,90 Euros per year for adults, and allows you free access at a large number of museums in the Netherlands.



Sport Film Festival @ LantarenVenster
Apr 10 – Apr 14 all-day

Sportfilmfestival Rotterdam from Thursday April 10th till Saturday April 14th, 2019, it is the fifth edition of the Sportfilmfestival Rotterdam taking place in LantarenVenster.

Sport and culture are two of Rotterdams most important departments. The Sports Film Festival is a great example of how the two can be combined.

During this film festival, you can spend the weekend enjoying beautiful films and documentaries about professional and amateur athletes.
The AD Sportfilmfestival Rotterdam uses an artistic and cultural program to expose the essence of sports. Featuring stories shown on the silver screen, talk shows and more.


Kings’ Day Fair @ Malieveld
Apr 12 – Apr 28 all-day

The Hague’s King’s Fair
The King’s Fair (Koningskermis) is in town from 12 to 28 April. Come and celebrate King’s Day in The Hague at a traditional Dutch fun fair.

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You can enjoy traditional fairground entertainment on the Malieveld.

Among the 60 rides and attractions are the super fast rides Bugs & Bees, Breakdance, Discovery, Funhouse, the Booster Maxx, the Rainforest Labyrinth, the Wipp, the spinning octopus the Turbo Polyp, Thriller and good old-fashioned bumper cars.

Even small children will have plenty to do, like the mini motorcycles and the min cars. They can also take their parents along for a visit to the haunted house. Or they can try walking on water without getting wet in the inflatable water balls. This new attraction is a favourite among young and old.

Of course tasty fancy fair treats such as candy floss, cinnamon sticks, Dutch doughnuts (oliebollen) and poffertjes will be on sale.

Frederik Hendrikplein
There will also be a smaller fancy fair on the Frederik Hendrikplein from 19 April until 5 May.

Opening times
The Hague’s King’s Fair on Malieveld is open daily from 13.00 to 23.00 hrs. (until midnight on Friday and Saturday and until 1.00 hrs. on 26 April) from 12 to 28 April. It will be open from 11.00 to midnight on 27 April.

There will also be a fireworks display every Saturday at 22.00 hrs.

For more information go to www.kermisdenhaag.nl.

The Hague Freedom Weeks @ Various Places in The Hague
Apr 12 – May 10 all-day

The Hague Freedom Weeks
In the weeks leading up to the Liberation Festival on 5 May, The Hague will be filled with the spirit of freedom. The city will be organising some 50 activities during The Hague Freedom Weeks from Friday, 12 April to Friday, 10 May.

After all, our freedom is precious and must not be taken for granted. And it should be continuously safeguarded and discussed.

Some 35 Hague organisations, including the Humanity House and ProDemos, will be joining forces to provide an interesting programme during the Freedom Weeks. Activities will be organised around the themes of liberty, peace, justice, democracy and the rule of law.

Organisers will place the focus on the importance of freedom through a range of debates, walking tours and exhibitions to films, lectures, dance performances and concerts. Many of the activities are suitable for people who do not speak Dutch.

More info
More information about the programme can be found at www.bevrijdingsfestivaldenhaag.nl.


Source: Gemeente Den Haag

Spring Beer Festival @ Grote Markt
Apr 12 @ 02:00 – Apr 13 @ 23:00

As lovers of tasty, expertly brewed specialty beer, the Dutch must be looking forward to the Lentebier festival at Grote Markt. Twelve high-quality brewers from all over the country are on tap to present their most impressive brews to the public. It promises to be a great event with specialty beers that simply cannot be found elsewhere!
Specialty beer tasting is done from 15cl glasses. so that guests can properly assess the different brews, because it’s all about discovering and experiencing special Dutch barley beer. This is accompanied with delicious food and classic vinyl records. In short: all the ingredients for a great start to spring!

Participating brewers

Kompaan Bier | vandeStreek beer Frontaal Brewery | De Molen Brewery | DAVO Brewery Deventer | Jopen | Two Chefs Brewing | Bird Brewery Oedipus Brewing Owl Brewing Company | Brouwerij Troost

Tasting glass: 5 Euro and coins 2.5 Euro

Friday from 14 – 23 and Saturday from 13 – 23

There are various restaurants and cafés on Grote Markt, including De Zwarte Ruiter, Zèta, Boterwaag and Vavoom Tikiroom and around the corner from Rootz. In the summer, the square turns into a large terrace that is visited by many. On the Grote Markt, however, you can not only enjoy cozy food and drinks: in the Pop District , especially in the summer months, many free performances by bands and acts are given.

Day of The Hague History (Dag van de Haagse Geschiedenis) @ Plein
Apr 13 all-day

History of The Hague Day
The free History of The Hague Day (Dag van de Haagse Geschiedenis) takes place on Saturday, 13 April. Take part in one of the many activities and discover the rich history of The Hague.

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More than 30 museums, historical institutes and volunteer groups are participating in the History of The Hague Day. Participating organisations will highlight The Hague of the 17th century. They will organise all kinds of activities such as city walks, guided tours, lectures, boat trips, driving tours and workshops.

Golden history
This year’s theme is ‘gold’, inspired by Rembrandt and the Golden Age. This year special attention will be given to William of Orange. As Father of the Nation, William has been standing on his pedestal on the Plein since 1848. An enormous platform during the Golden History of The Hague Day will allow everyone to gaze into the statesman’s eyes.

English programme
This year organisers are making an effort to include non-Dutch speakers, with an extensive programme for English-speaking people. Meanwhile children can take part in all kinds of fun activities on the Plein like playing old Dutch games such as marbles, stilt walking, spinning tops and shuffleboard.

All English-language activities can be found on the website of the event.

Plein: main location
The main location for the day is the Plein where you can visit a historical market, pick up tickets for activities, enjoy a snack and listen to live music.

The participating organisations will present themselves there in the information market. Starting at 11.00 hrs. you can collect your tickets at the various booths to take part in some of the (mostly) free events on a first-come first-served basis.

The organised walks and (boat) tours take between 30 minutes and 1 hour. Check the programme for exact details.

More info
The day’s programme lasts from 11.00 to 16.00 hrs. on Saturday, 13 April.

The day is mostly free of charge, but some activities will charge a small fee. Make sure you pick up your tickets at the stands of the participating organisations on the Plein. For the children’s activities you can pick up a free ‘strippenkaart’ at the information booth of The Hague Municipal Archives or at Cafe Het Kippenhok in the big tent.

Take a look at the full programme on dagvandehaagsegeschiedenis.nl

Flowerparade @ Bollenstreek
Apr 13 – Apr 14 all-day

Flower parade
Enjoy the bulb growing area’s unique flower parade! Colourful floats covered in bulb flowers such as hyacinths, tulips and daffodils will parade past you. The theme for the 2019 flower parade is: ”Changing World”.

On Saturday 13 April, the 72nd edition of the Bollenstreek [bulb growing area] Bloemencorso will follow a 40 km route from Noordwijk to Haarlem. Around 15:30 the flower parade will pass Keukenhof along the road on the main car park side which will have been rechristened the Keukenhofboulevard. You can view the bloemencorso along the road that passes Keukenhof’s main entrance. After which you can continue your visit to Keukenhof.

Please note it will be very busy in and around Keukenhof and roads will be closed from approximately 13h00 to 17h30. You will not be able to access or leave Keukenhof’s parking during this time. We recommend that you arrive at Keukenhof before 11h00.

More information on the Bloemencorso at www.bloemencorso-bollenstreek.nl.

King’s Day Fun Fair @ Schiehaven
Apr 13 – May 5 all-day

The annual King’s Day fun fair always guarantees fun for all ages, from exciting rides and rollercoasters, to stands with sweet and delicious treats, to merry-go-rounds that are sure to delight the children.

Location is Schiehaven, in Rotterdam

Secondhand Book Fair @ Anglican Church St John and St Philip
Apr 13 all-day

Secondhand book fair at Anglican Church
A secondhand book fair will be held at the Anglican Church of St John & St Philip on Saturday, 13 April.

A huge selection of secondhand books will be on sale at bargain prices in a wide variety of languages including English, French, German and Dutch. Categories of books available include, travel, cooking, fiction and gardening as well as hobby and technical books on a variety of subjects.

A good selection of children’s books will also be on sale as well as videos, CDs, etc. Coffee, tea and cakes and homemade jams will also be available.

All proceeds of the Book Fair will be credited to the general budget of the church, which in addition to funding the general running expenses of the church is also used for supporting local and international charities.

More info
The book fair will be held in the Church Hall from 10.30 to 14.30 hrs. on Saturday, 13 April. The church is located at Ary van der Spuyweg 1/Riouwstraat 2 (close to the Scheveningseweg). Admission is free.

For more information, please phone tel. (070) 355 53 59 or visit the website of the Church of St. John & St. Philip

No Worries BBQ Festival @ Van Nelle Factory
Apr 14 all-day

The festival offers a program full of activities for young and old. Follow workshops and masterclasses, visit the demonstrations and meet your Smokey Goodness Pitmaster heroes. Enjoy live music while enjoying all the beverages at the festival.

Pitmaster heroes, food and drinks, workshops and masterclasses, kids entertainment, live music

Jord Althuizen & the Smokey Crew release their fifth book! The No Worries BBQ festival offers the perfect opportunity to get a first copy and taste the dishes from the book. The new book contains timeless favorites such as ribs, burgers and tips for a quick summer barbecue.



Motel Mozaïque festival @ Various Locations
Apr 18 – Apr 20 all-day

18 – 20 April 2019 ROTTERDAM

In 2019 the Motel Mozaïque Festival will take place on Thursday 18, Friday 19 and Saturday 20 April, in different venues in the amazing center of Rotterdam. The 19th edition of the festival will bring you exciting (new) artists in performance and art, but most of all a shitload of music!

Three days, all dedicated to new encounters. Some more awkward than others.

We’ll take you on a road to self-discovery. Your favorite music, art, interesting performances and street art. We dare you to get to know yourself, by doing things you wouldn’t normally do. Discover the beauty of opposites, the unknown.

Motel Mozaïque’s line-up is bursting with both new talent, and some more renowned names. We constantly aim for fruitful collaborations between music and performance. A Rotterdam based orchestra with a German techno DJ, a South-American percussionist with a Scandinavian singer-songwriter. Clashes that lead to a long-term memory and partnership.

Festival Paaspop @ De Molenheide
Apr 19 – Apr 21 all-day

Paaspop is a three-day music festival that takes place every year during the Easter weekend in the Dutch Schijndel (North Brabant). In 1974  it was organized for the first time.

You can buy tickets for one day but also for the entire weekend and stay there on  the campsite.



Easter Egg Hunt at Farm Ezelsbruggetje @ Children's farm Het Ezelsbruggetje
Apr 19 @ 03:30 – 05:00

Easter Egg Hunting is a tradition at children’s farm ‘t Ezelsbruggetje in Bleiswijk. Every year on Good Friday children from 0 -10 years old can enjoy this festivity and get into the Easter mood.
In order to make it enjoyable for all ages, there will be different starting times. Children from 0 to 3 years and their parents/grandparents will start at 15.30h. Children from 4-6 years old will start at 16.00 and the older kids from 7 – 10 will start at 16.30h.
Please bring your own basket for the found eggs. We will make sure that none of the children will go home empty handed. There will be fresh eggs as well as Easter bread (from a local bakery) for all children.


Source of photo: De Heraut

Home-Made Easter Market @ Lange Voorhout
Apr 20 – Apr 22 all-day

Home Made Market – Easter Edition on Lange Voorhout for 3 days during Easter weekend

The popular lifestyle market is returning to the center of The Hague during Easter weekend on 20-22 April.  Everyday open from 11 – 17 h, the lifestyle event features something for everyone including a wide range of homemade products from local artisans and designers, offline webshops, vintage and vinyl goods, live music, lots of great street food and of course the popular carousel for the kids. The original concept of the Home Made Market is intended to offer an entertaining community experience showcasing local artwork, handcrafted goods, of course delicious treats, music and a lot of fun! The Home Made Market concept was first launched in the hip neighbourbood of The Hague’s Zeeheldenkwartier. Since its inception, the Home Made Market has quickly become a household name in The Hague area.

Aside from shopping at the numerous creative stalls on the Home Made Market, there will be a ton of other things to do and see across the market. Be sure to check out the special stage set up in the middle of the Home Made Market which will feature several performances.  There will be a number of workshops and passionate sellers pitching and sharing stories about their craft products across the market throughout Easter weekend.


Pasar Malam Asia XL @ Ahoy
Apr 20 – Apr 22 all-day

Every year during Easter weekend the Pasar Malam is organised. And this time it’s bigger than ever!
Tropical atmosphere at Pasar Malam : scents of delicious Oriental cuisine and sounds of Indonesian gamelan music …

A spectacular event filled with music, exotic scents, many cultural shows, and a wide range of bands and musicians from the Netherlands and abroad.
For the entire programme please click here
Trombone Festival Slide Factory @ Maaspodium
Apr 20 all-day

On April 20th, the New Trombone Collective organizes a Light edition of the Slide Factory Festival. Immerse yourself in the world of the trombone for 1 day and enjoy the concerts, recitals, clinics, witness master classes or get a lesson from one of the festival artists. We are proud to announce that Ian Bousfield and Mark Nightingale are attending the festival.


The festival takes place at 2 locations:

Batavierhuis, Pieter de Hoochweg 108 and Maaspodium, Sint-Jobsweg 3 in Rotterdam

Blijdorp x de Doelen Festival @ De Doelen
Apr 20 @ 17:00 – Apr 21 @ 03:00

Enjoy music from various dj’s at Blijdorp x de Doelen during Easter weekend.

After the winter edition at the Van Nelle Fabriek, Blijdorp Festival is taking over de Doelen. Enjoy music from various dj’s.
Denis Sulta, Tom Trago, Cinnaman, Stippenlift, Jeff Solo, Mr Nice Guy, De Likt, Kamaal Williams (live), Freddie Mercure, Elijah Waters (live), Frankie, Steven van Lummel.


Easter Egg Hunt @ Plaswijckpark
Apr 21 – Apr 22 all-day

Every year the Easter bunny visits Plaswijckpark in Rotterdam to hide lots of colourful eggs. This year it will take place on Sunday 21 and 22 of April! From 12 to 15 h. 

Plaswijckpark is a small family park with a big playground area, a pond with swan-shaped pedal boats, a small zoo and lots of green space to run or walk about. The Easter eggs are hidden in three different area for the various ages, so that also the little ones will have a chance. Every child will exchange the found plastic eggs for 3 chocolate eggs to take home (or eat there) Success is guaranteed!

And there are also 3 golden eggs hidden in every area one. The lucky finder will get a price 🙂

Only drawback is that it might get a bit busy with all the Easter-egg-crazy children…

If you prefer a quieter day out, then visit the park on a “normal” day. Especially early in the morning you’ve got most of the attractions to yourself!

Familiepark Plaswijckpark                            Entrance fees:
Address: Ringdijk 20                                             0 – 1 year:     free of charge
3053 KS Rotterdam                                              2 – 64 years: € 12,95
Tel.:    010 – 418 18 36                                           65+:                € 8, 70


Walk along the Springsnow elm route of Amsterdam @ Amsterdam
Apr 21 – May 21 all-day

Springsnow is the magical natural phenomenon that symbolises the true start of Amsterdam’s spring, when the elm trees unleash their seeds in a flurry of white blossoms, twirling down like confetti thrown to greet the sun.

The signature tree of Amsterdam
The elm is the signature tree of Amsterdam, much like the linden tree in Berlin, or the plane trees of Paris. With more than 75.000 elm trees throughout the city, Amsterdam could be called the elm capital of the world.

For centuries, elm trees have defined Amsterdam’s cityscape. They are part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site: the canal district of the historical city centre.

Follow the elm route
You can follow the eight-km-long elm route, and catch the spring snow. The route starts at the elm arboretum, next to EYE, and runs through the Hortus Botanicus, one of the world’s oldest botanical gardens.

The Digital Poetree
If you want to feel like a part of the drifting experience, attach a message to a Springsnow seed at the Digital Poetree and track where the wind carries it!

Source IamExpat

Swan Market – Easter @ Parklaan
Apr 22 all-day

Swan Market is a lifestyle market where a very diverse creative offerings can be found.Fashion, jewelry, vintage, accessories, affordable art, etc. are well represented at Swan Market. Besides all the shop-fun you will be spoiled with fair-trade and live musical performances.

The coziness at Swan Market is created by the variety of visitors; a good mix of young and old, couples and families with children, it runs together and make fun with each other.

Monday from 11 to 17 h on Parklaan in Rotterdam


Praatcafe – Language Exchange Event – Cancelled @ De Leeszaal
Apr 24 all-day

Rotterdams Praatcafe is a social group for anyone interested in practising Dutch in a cozy environment. Any Dutch language learners can enjoy practising Dutch at ease and with fun. In order to do that, we bring into the group enthusiastic Dutch language learners, professional Dutch teachers, professional language coaches and other social Dutch native speakers. Together we will create creative and social events to make friends, have a lot of fun and practise speaking Dutch. Events will be held in Rotterdam.

They will host a language exchange Rotterdam event on every last Wednesday of the month, where everyone can speak the language(s) he or she wants to socialize in. Wednesday from 19.30-22h.

Japanese Garden Open @ Clingendael Estate
Apr 27 – Jun 9 all-day

The magnificent Japanese Garden will reopen its doors for 6 weeks only from Saturday, 27 April to Sunday, 9 June so you can admire the spring colours in their full glory. The garden will be open daily from 9.00 to 20.00 hrs. during this 6-week period.

The Japanese Garden was created in the beginning of the 20th century by the former owner of the country estate of Clingendael, Marguérite M. Baroness van Brienen (1871-1939), also called Lady Daisy. Lady Daisy sailed off a number of times by ship to Japan and brought back to the Netherlands a number of lanterns, a water cask, sculptures, the pavilion, the little bridges and several plants. The original design with the serene pond, meandering brook and the winding pathways has remained intact all these years.

The Municipality of The Hague has always taken great care of the Japanese Garden because of its uniqueness and tremendous historical value. The garden was placed on the list of national historical monuments in 2001. Due to its fragility, the garden can be visited only during 2 short periods of the year.

More info
You can find more information under Japanese Garden in Clingendael Park.

Day Cruise to Maasvlakte 2 @ Near Spido Office
Apr 28 all-day

Day Cruise Maasvlakte 2

Experience a whole new part of the Netherlands and a port under development, Maasvlakte 2!

We will start the day with a cup of coffee or tea and apple pie, which will be served by our friendly crew.
After a welcome by our captain, we will set sail towards the Maasvlakte 2.
Around noon you can enjoy a buffet with a variety of cold and hot dishes.
Upon arrival at the Maasvlakte an experienced guide of the Port authorities will come aboard. Along with this guide we will make a tour through this new part of the port where the guide will tell you all about this area.
After this interesting tour there is the possibility to disembark and visit the official visitors centre of the Maasvlakte 2, FutureLand.
FutureLand offers the visitor an experience of the port in an interactive environment. After the visit to FutureLand, we will set sail again towards Rotterdam.

From the home port of Spido we will sail downstream the river, Nieuwe Maas, towards the Botlek area, the well-known port and industry area of Rotterdam.
Along the way we will pass the city of Schiedam, famous for its Dutch Gin ‘Jenever’ and the city of Vlaardingen mostly known in the Netherlands for its Herring.
Further along the way we will pass the town Maassluis, an historic town on the Waterway, and the spectacular construction of the storm surge barrier the Maeslantkering, which is very important for the protection against high floods coming from the North Sea.
Upon arrival at the famous coastal town of Hoek van Holland we will cross the river towards the Calandkanaal, where we will arrive at the Maasvlakte 1, here you will see the largest container terminals like ECT, Maersk and Euromax.
Through the Yangtzekanaal we will eventually arrive at the Maasvlakte 2.
After the visit to FutureLand we will sail back towards Rotterdam where we will pass several highlights along the way like the town of Rozenburg and Pernis.
At the last part of this trip we will also pass the former cruise ship ‘SS Rotterdam’ and of course the beautiful Rotterdam skyline.

Note: Spido offers the explication in English and German on sheet.

Dates 2019

Sunday 24th of February
Sunday 31st of March
Sunday 28th of April
Sunday 26th of May
Sunday 23rd of June
In Juli and August every Tuesday and Sunday 2, 7 ,9, 14, 16, 21, 23, 28 and 30th of July and 4, 6, 11, 13, 18, 20, 25 and 27th of august.

Saturday 28th of September
Saturday 19th of Oktober
Sunday 24th of November
Saturday 28thof December


10:00 hours Embarkation at Willemsplein near the Spido office
10:30 hours Departure and reception with coffee and applepie
12:00 hours Lunchbuffet
13:00 hours Tour with guide of FutureLand through the new port area
14:00 hours Arrival at Futureland with possibility to visit the visitors centre
15:15 hours Return on board, following departure towards Rotterdam
±17:30 hours Arrival at Spido, following disembarkation
* Depending of nautical and meteorological factors the timetable may be changed if necessary.


Adults € 59,50 p.p.
Children 4 – 11 years € 31,50 p.p.

Included in the price:
– one cup of coffee or tea and applepie and cream
– Lunch buffet with a variety of cold and warm dishes
– Visit to FutureLand, the visitors centre of the Maasvlakte 2.

Please note: Drinks are not included

Holocaust Remembrance Day memorial service @ Kloosterkerk
Apr 28 all-day

Holocaust Remembrance Day memorial service
The Hague will organise a Holocaust Remembrance Day (Yom HaShoah) memorial service in the Kloosterkerk on Sunday, 28 April. The service will commemorate the murdered Jews, Roma and Sinti during the Second World War.

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Yom HaShoah (Holocaust Remembrance Day) is the memorial day for the Jews murdered during the Second World War, established on the 28th of Nissan in remembrance of the destruction of the Warsaw ghetto. Following the date for this commemoration in Jewish circles, Jews, Christians and other people annually come together in various cities in the Netherlands.

This year’s theme revolves around ‘Holding on to the tree of life’. The featured speaker will be Hein Griffioen, who will tell his personal story. Musical accompaniment will be provided by cantor Ken Gould and a choir. Students from local schools will also take part in the memorial.

Afterwards the memorial service will proceed to the Rabbijn Maarsenplein where flowers will be laid at the Jewish Children’s Memorial.

The commemoration is organised by the Community of Churches of The Hague.

More info
The Yom HaShoah memorial service will begin at 16.00 hrs. on Sunday, 28 April in the Kloosterkerk (Lange Voorhout 4) in The Hague. This event is free of charge.

More information can be found at http://jomhasjoadenhaag.weebly.com and on the Facebook page of the event.

Artis Zoo during the war – Tour @ Artis Zoo
Apr 30 – May 5 all-day

Look at a World War II zoo
During World War II, Amsterdam’s Artis zoo harboured many people who were hiding from the German occupiers. At the same time going to the zoo was a popular outing for German soldiers. Artis is organising an hour long guided tour around both the people and the animals that inhabited the zoo at the time. Until May 5

Exhibition: Fashion Statements @ Amsterdam Museum
Apr 30 – Sep 9 all-day

Tiny waists and (hence) corsets are on show at the Amsterdam Museum where the 18th and 19th century costume collection is given an airing. What are these clothes telling us about the conventions of the time and their effects on the wearers? And are our modern-day equivalents equally restrictive and prescriptive in their own way? A number of designers have taken the costumes as an inspiration and created their own. Fashion Statements is on until September 9


Free with museum card

Festival Circusstad @ Center of Rotterdam
May 1 – May 5 all-day

Performers come closer than ever and invite you to join in during Circusstad Festival. Featuring a variety of workshops and shows.

Circusstad Festival takes over the center of Rotterdam and fills it with amazing stunts and bizarre skills!
Astonishing performances
The festival brings the most beautiful, heroic and spectacular performances to the city center, performed by (inter)national artists and acrobats.

Join the Circus
Wanna fly, balance of juggle a ridiculous amount of balls? They performers of Circusstad will teach you! Join a workshop or practice your circus skills on the playground. Then take a load off with a drink amongst the circus performers!

Solo’s at the Sea @ Beach Club de Fuut
May 1 – May 31 all-day

Solo’s @The Sea
Talented choreographers, dancers and actors will present a solo or monologue in ‘Solo’s @The Sea’. The Hague-based dance company De Dutch Don’t Dance Division (DeDDDD) is organising another edition of this mini festival at beach pavilion De Fuut from 1 to 31 May.

A dancer or actor must have a strong personality in order to perform a good solo. A performance on the beach means there is no backdrop apart from the ever changing view of the sea, sky and dunes.

The concept behind ‘Solo’s @The Sea’ was initiated by artistic leaders Thom Stuart and Rinus Sprong for the first time in 2008. It is now part of the annual programme of De Dutch Don’t Dance Division. Every solo piece is specially created for this location.

The audience will enjoy an ever-changing and intimate programme during a 3-course dinner. Thanks to the relaxed atmosphere at beach pavilion De Fuut, it will be a very ‘light’ performance. A bit of Dutch may be spoken.

More info
‘Solo’s @The Sea’ will be performed by De Dutch Don’t Dance Division from Wednesday, 1 May to Friday, 31 May at beach pavilion De Fuut on the Zuiderstrand (Strandslag 10) in The Hague. Take Tram 12 to the Markenseplein stop.

The evening starts at 18.30 hrs. Tickets cost € 42.50 including a 3-course dinner and can be reserved in advance by sending an email to info@defuut.nl.

More information about the beach restaurant at www.defuut.nl.