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Exhibition at Rijksmuseum: All the Rembrandts @ rijksmuseum
Exhibition at Rijksmuseum: All the Rembrandts @ Rijksmuseum

Sketcher of selfies and etcher of Instagram stories – the first ever comprehensive display of Rembrandt’s work at the Rijksmuseum shows the ‘rebel’ 17th century artist in a new light.

The display, Alle Rembrandts, opens on Friday and runs until 10th June, and is predicted to be a blockbuster.

For the first time, the museum in Amsterdam is showing all of its 22 paintings, 60 drawings and the best prints of its 300 etchings by the Leiden-born artist Rembrandt van Rijn.

Many of these fragile pieces – which are displayed in a dramatic half-light– have been in storage waiting for the exhibition and will afterwards go back to recover.

Taco Dibbits, general director of the Rijksmuseum, predicts the exhibition showing Rembrandt’s keen observation of daily life as well as his power as a grandiose storyteller would strike a chord with the modern public.

‘The Rijksmuseum has the world’s largest and most representative oversight of Rembrandt’s work, and for the first time we are showing everything in the house,’ said Dibbits at a press viewing.

‘When you walk into this exhibition, you walk into Rembrandt’s life – Rembrandt the rebel, who does not follow the rules of art, who isn’t about beauty but about the raw reality. He draws all of us in our beauty, our ugliness, our imperfections, joy and grief.’

He said that he was personally most struck by the often tiny etches and drawings of Rembrandt, showing his bedroom, his wife Saskia in pregnancy and terminal sickness and – most of all – himself.

‘He draws himself like no other artist,’ said Dibbits, ‘with more selfies – if I could call them that – than you can imagine. He often “photographs” himself, and he was the first artist to put himself, his friends, and family, the landscape, even a shell, into an etching.’

Erik Hinterding, curator of the exhibition, said it aimed to display the engaging, personal quality of his work from quick sketches of funny faces to the human faces painted into imagined Biblical scenes.

‘He was a sort of Instagrammer,’ he said. ‘He made kind of snapshots of what was happening at home, with his wife Saskia [sick] in bed: no artist before him had let us into his bedroom, and it really touches you. It’s so personal.’

The exhibition is organised in two halves: the first, focusing on Rembrandt’s observations of people and everyday life from his father and mother to a random man, woman and child urinating in public. The second shows how he dramatised these real faces into grand scenes from the Bible and large-scale paintings.

His sketches and etchings – works needled into a copper plate, treated with acid and then printed – are often tiny. Some show him pulling faces, visages lined with wrinkles or salacious images – a man looking up a woman’s skirt, or a woman sitting naked with a man’s hat on the table beside her.

According to Dibbits, this mixture of observation of the ordinary plus extraordinary ability is what makes Rembrandt’s art so ‘recognisable’. ‘Rembrandt is for everyone – it’s for the world.’

The display is part of a series of exhibitions across the Netherlands in honour of the artist, 350 years after his death. The Rijksmuseum has also published its first biography, aiming to tell a fact-based tale of the life of the ‘rebel’ and miller’s son alongside his works.

Visitors can listen to an audio explanation of the new show in four languages via the museum’s app as well as through conventional devices.

Source: dutchnews.nl

Roze Filmdagen – Pink Film Festival @ het ketelhuis, westergasfabriek
Roze Filmdagen - Pink Film Festival @ Het Ketelhuis,  Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | Noord-Holland | Netherlands

Roze Filmdagen (meaning ‘Pink Film Days’) is the largest film festival for LGBTQ films in the Netherlands.

The wide and varied selection of films includes romantic comedies, provoking documentaries and everything in between. The variety in films reflects the diversity of the community. Besides several focus programmes we proudly showcase numerous short films that are (just like our feature and documentary films) sparkling, provocative, urgent, and engaging.

Join our cinematic cultural community experience that goes on for eleven days and meet and mingle with filmmakers and visitors who celebrate all aspects of sexual diversity.

But above all enjoy one of the 138 films we selected for you and hopefully you’ll be coming back for more.

Virtually all screenings are in English, or have English subtitles. There are a few exceptions but the listings in the mostly bilingual printed program, or on our website, will inform you about this.

TEFAF – The European Fine Art Fair @ mecc
TEFAF - The European Fine Art Fair @ MECC | Maastricht | Limburg | Netherlands

The European Fine Art Fair is one of the world’s most prestigious art and antique fairs. It is certainly the largest and has the strictest system for ensuring the objects on offer are of the highest quality. It offers Old Master paintings, sculpture and furniture from all periods, modern and contemporary art, classical antiquities and Asian art. Newer sections cover 20th century design and applied arts and drawings and limited edition prints, antiquarian books and manuscripts and even wallpaper. MECC, Maastricht, March 16 to 24. https://www.tefaf.com/fairs/tefaf-maastricht

Movies that matter – Film Festival @ filmhuis and theater aan het spui
Movies that matter - Film Festival @ Filmhuis and Theater aan het Spui | The Hague | South Holland | Netherlands

Every year the Movies that Matter Festival presents around 60 recent feature films and documentaries by passionate filmmakers, embedded in an extensive programme of debates and in-depth discussions. Films that stir the debate on human rights, peace and freedom. All films are in English or are subtitled.

Opening film
This year’s Movies that Matter film and debate festival will kick off with the screening of the colourful opening film Goldie by Dutch director Sam de Jong, about a headstrong, feisty teenager who fights to keep her sisters with her after their mother has been arrested.

Human rights and human dignity
The festival has 2 main components. The Activist competition programme shows special documentaries about the work and life of human rights defenders. Camera Justitia is the competition programme with feature films and documentaries on legal dilemmas, truth-finding, international law and the fight against impunity.

The new Dutch Movies Matter competition programme will screen feature films and documentaries from the Netherlands that open our eyes to human rights. In ‘Weapon of Choice’, 5 prominent Dutch people select a film of which they are convinced that everyone should have seen it.

There will also be a Best of #MtMF19 on Saturday, 30 March with 3 of the best festival films.

Debates and Q&A Sessions
Unlike other festivals, the Movies that Matter Festival provides extensive in-depth programmes for most film screenings, which allows members of the audience to interact with festival guests from all over the world in debates, Q&A sessions, workshops, talk shows, seminars and master classes. These programmes also inform the public about the background of the films and the choices that have been made during their shooting. The contribution of representatives from the world of theatre, politics, science and business often leads to surprising discussions that enable the audience to look beyond its own borders.

The week-long film and debate festival will include a number of festive award ceremonies. An international jury will award the Golden Butterfly Activist Documentary Award and Golden Butterfly Activist Human Rights Award on Wednesday, 27 March as well as the Golden Butterfly Camera Justitia Award during the festive Camera Justitia Night on Thursday, 28 March.

About the festival The Movies that Matter Festival is an initiative of the Dutch chapter of Amnesty International. The festival’s partners are Amnesty International and the Municipality of The Hague.

More info
Visit the website of the Movies that Matter Festival for the complete programme and to purchase tickets. Don’t wait too long because film screenings sell out quickly!

Amsterdam Wine Festival @ gashouder at westergasfabriek
Amsterdam Wine Festival @ Gashouder at Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | Noord-Holland | Netherlands

The Amsterdam Wine Festival takes place at the Westergasfabriek twice a year. During the harvest festivals in March, where the southern hemisphere stands central and during the harvest festivals in September we celebrate the harvests of the northern hemisphere. During those periodes the wine farmers celebrate that the grapes have been safely collected and the wine making process can begin. We celebrate that with them!

Date & Times
Friday, March 22nd | 15:00 – 01:00
Saturday, March 23rd | 13:00 – 01:00
Sunday, March 24th | 13:00 – 22:00

Location: Westergasfabriek – Gashouder, Transformatorhuis en Leidinghuis
Parking by car: Q-Park, Van Bleiswijkstraat 8, 1051 DG Amsterdam

More than 300 different wines
Starting from €3,- a glass

Workshops & masterclasses
Join our large wine quiz or the grape pitch contest
Bands & live DJ
A culinary journey around the world with top chefs and restaurants

Festival Cement – Theatre Festival @ werkwarenhuis
Festival Cement - Theatre Festival @ WerkWarenHuis

Festival Cement is the go-to festival for theatre and choreography in the Netherlands. Nestled in various locations throughout the cosy city of ‘s-Hertogenbosch, also known as Den Bosch, the various events offer unique interplay between audience, artist and performer.

The scope of the festival is overwhelmingly broad. It is an important programme for the next generation of young creatives in theatre and dance from the Netherlands, Belgium and beyond.

Festival Cement programme 2019
The extensive programme includes many performances that do not require an understanding of any specific language or are English spoken. In other words: perfect for expats! Here is a handful of outstanding works that will be featured at this year’s Festival Cement programme:

[March 24-25] Andreas Hannes – The City: A Skipping Piece
Two performers enter the stage and start skipping. Pathways emerge and geometrical shapes become visible as the dancers move around inside an imagined city grid. With The City – A Skipping Piece, Andreas Hannes studies the notion of distance, focusing on the tension between bodies, principles and perspectives.

[March 26-27] Floor van Leeuwen – MUUR
A group of people is running into a wall without stopping. Each moves at their own speed, but ultimately they unite – like a single surging body. Rather than being a tragic metaphor for the insignificance of man, MUUR (Wall) is a joint effort to be hopeful against everything that threatens to make us lose faith.

[March 22-24] Hannah De Meyer – new skin
A young generation of anti-racist writers, climate activists and economists is on the rise. Young people, who were born into a world that is broken, who look around and ask: “Really? Is this what you’ve left us?” new skin is a monologue by the virtuoso Hannah De Meyer that deals with this indignation and the determination, energy and love that come with it.

[March 28-30] Jaha Koo – Cuckoo
In Cuckoo, the South Korean theatre maker / composer Jaha Koo shares the stage with three hacked, talking rice steamers. The steamers are Koo’s conversation partners in a series of excruciatingly funny dialogues about the lonely lives that young Koreans lead. Just how do you grow up in a hypermodern, achievement-oriented society troubled by social isolation, youth unemployment and high suicide rates?

[March 28-30] Marta and Kim – Engel
In Engel, we witness two performers – a circus acrobat and a dancer – working with body weight, momentum and direction. A physical duet about the inner battle inside each of us, between the different sides of our personalities and those things in life whose meaning is hard for us to fathom.

[March 27-30] Milou van Duijnhoven – Monumental Metamorphosis
For Monumental Metamorphosis, performer Milou van Duijnhoven has dedicated herself to studying the art of Japanese fencing. The show is about the human guts to recreate oneself. About relinquishing without compromise and the endlessly echoing hope for ongoing transformation.

[March 28-29] Piet Van Dycke & Annemijn Rijk – Lullaby
Lullaby is a contemporary cradlesong in dance that is sure to jolt you awake. An absurdist and acrobatic duet aimed at the one problem all millennials face: the idea that our lives should always be fun. Living like tinned sardines is not our ambition and hasn’t been for a long time.

[March 26-27] Compagnie Monica/ Sarah Bostoen – Poetic Machine
Choreographer Sarah Bostoen is shedding her light on the power of our brain, and its powerlessness. In Poetic Machine, we witness how the soul is cracked open in a number of dehumanized creatures. The audience is swept along on a sinister trip through a surreal world of movement. The arresting soundscape collides with breath and inner thoughts to create a dance that is powerful and psychologically charged.

The Festival Heart
Festival Cement also acts as a meeting place for theatre directors, producers, playwrights, actors, dancers and choreographers. The Festival Heart, or Festivalhart in Dutch, in the WerkWarenHuis, offers a temporary home for artists and audiences alike, and an ideal setting to meet, chat with the artists, have a drink or enjoy a meal.

As well as performances, there will be talks, debates and reflection sessions. Many of the events are expat-friendly, being either in English or without any spoken word. The festival programme has conveniently labelled such performances as “language no problem”.

Book your tickets
The ticket sales have started. The most convenient option is to buy your Festival Cement tickets online. Online tickets are available until one hour before the show. During the festival tickets are also available from the box office at the “Festival Heart”, opened daily from 3pm to 10pm. Payment can be made by card only.



Source: IamExpat

Circus X Festival @ oranjepolder
Circus X Festival @ Oranjepolder  | Hook of Holland | South Holland | Netherlands

Circus X is back! On 23 March the area close to Hoek van Holland will be transformed into a festival area from 13-23h
The organisation promises a festival which will be bigger, better, cozier and crazier than ever. With  feelgood music by Jordi Bernal, T-Spoon, Mental Theo, Ziggy and many more . Check out the website and facebook page of Circus X for more information and the latest updates.

Heroes Dutch Comic Con @ jaarbeurs utrecht
Heroes Dutch Comic Con @ Jaarbeurs Utrecht | Rotterdam | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

Heroes Dutch Comic Con is the largest Comic Con in the Netherlands. Such a Comic Con should have a great programme to go along with it. That is exactly what we offer!

Do you want to attend the Con in your most beautiful cosplay outfit and take part in several workshops and contests? Or would you rather delve right in the comic collections at the Dealer Hall for that one issue still missing from your collection? Why not run along and participate in one of the the esports tournaments or play a casual game in the Free 2 Play area? Learn something new at one of our panels and workshops.

Holi Springfestival @ zuiderpark
Holi Springfestival @ Zuiderpark | Rotterdam | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

Holi is the official start for Indian all over the world that spring is coming. The opening of the festival starts at 16h and will end in a big festival at the Zuiderpark. Coordination is more than 15 years in the hands of APNA, the umbrella organization in Rotterdam Rijnmond.

The Holi Festival of Netherlands! On Saturday 23 March Holi is in the sign of powder guns, good food, music and a lot of fun! Rotterdam Colour Sensation, the Holi Festival of 2019 should not be missed. Free entrance.


Please find the entire program here


Jazz Fest Amsterdam @ studio k & stayokay
Jazz Fest Amsterdam @ Studio K & StayOkay | Amsterdam | Noord-Holland | Netherlands

On Saturday 23 March the 8th edition of Jazzfest Amsterdam will take place. Come and join us in the nice homely atmosphere of the rooms and halls of Studio/K and StayOkay. There will be fantastic jazz, world, impro and musical meet-ups of new talent and known stars. It will be a huge Amsterdam Jazz party!

& More

And there is also a kids jazzfest with workshops for children from 4-8 years old and from 9-12 years old. Please check program and buy tickets here

Music Show Scotland @ ahoy

Kilts, bagpipes and nifty footwork are all on show from the pipe and drum bands in full regalia, the dancers and the solo singers who make up the cast of this Scottish show, performed in front a mock-up of a castle. Ahoy, Rotterdam, March 23.


Open Tower Day @ amsterdam
Open Tower Day @ Amsterdam | Amsterdam | North Holland | Netherlands

7th edition Open Tower Day!

Saturday the 23rd of March 2019

About 20 historical and modern towers open their doors for you on the 23rd of March!

The towers participating in the Open Tower Day can be visited free of charge from 10:00 to 16:00. There are, however, a few exceptions. Therefore, before visiting the towers, please read the opening hours and the terms and conditions carefully. There are limited access possibilities for: the Westertoren, the Oudekerkstoren and the Posthoornkerk. Be quick to register, because full = full!

Film and Photo Competition
During the day you can participate in the Film and Photo Competition ‘Amsterdam Highlights’, and have a chance to win great Amsterdam prizes!

Binoculars and camera
We wish you a nice day and encourage you to bring your binoculars and camera, that way you can enjoy the beautiful scenery even more!


Organisation Open Tower Day

Reminder: don’t forget to bring your binoculars and also make sure to take beautiful photos for the photo contest!

Here you can find all the participating towers!


The Hague English Comedy Nights @ theater branoul

Hague English Comedy Night
Come along to the next edition of The Hague English Comedy Night with a number of stand-up comedians from around the world performing in English. The next show is on Saturday, 23 March at Theater Branoul.

Each show has 2 headliner professional acts, an MC and sometimes surprise support acts.

The funny people in March are:

  • Rich Wilson (UK) is a regular at all the major comedy clubs up and down the UK and at major comedy festivals including Perth Fringe, Melbourne International, Edinburgh Fringe and is a firm favourite at the New Zealand Comedy Festival. He is able to deliver a good strong set, with subject matters ranging from being a young father to observational material on the obsurdities of life in general. He is also one of the most in demand comics with his ability to think on his feet and tame even the craziest of crowds with his likable, charming manner.
  • Jayde Adams (UK) is a multi-faceted comedian. She is trained in competitive dancing, sings opera, beatboxes, clowns, raps, balloon models, draws and plays the piano. Jayde won the national competition in the UK called Funny Women in 2014.

You can choose from 2 different show times for The Hague English Comedy Night: either at 19.00 hrs. or at 21.00 hrs. on Saturday, 23 February in Theater Branoul (Maliestraat 12) in The Hague. You can mingle and enjoy pre-show drinks in the adjacent bar Speaker Corner.

Tickets cost € 15.00 in advance and € 18.50 at the door. You can reserve your tickets in advance through the website of Theater Branoul. A dinner and show package are also available.

ARAB Film Festival @ lantarenvenster
ARAB Film Festival @ LantarenVenster | Rotterdam | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

This festival takes you into the wonderful world of Arab cinema! Featuring movies from all countries, languages, and cultures of the Arab world.

Movies, music, debates, and video art teach you all about the Arab world, showing you things you knew and things you didn’t, in a beautiful, intense, and compelling way.
The Arab Film Festival goes beyond the truth of many media outlets and shows us that there are many truths. War, sorrow, terror: all true, but what brings it forth and where does it lead? Nuance is key. But above all else, the festival adds a positive note to a sea of negative reports and shows us the bright side of the Arab world, which is very much present: humor, pride, and, despite all else, hope.


Home Made Market @ kerkplein
Home Made Market @ Kerkplein | Den Haag | Zuid-Holland | Netherlands

Home Made Markt on Kerkplein, Saturday and Sunday 11-17h

A wide variety of consumer goods is offered; food, fashion, art, interior design, jewelry and accessories, vintage and even entertainment like workshops, life music and theatre, all having one thing in common: everything the market offers is unique, produced in limited quantities or handmade.

For more information:



IamExpat Fair @ westergasfabriek
IamExpat Fair @ Westergasfabriek | Amsterdam | Noord-Holland | Netherlands

We are pleased to announce the IamExpat Fair Amsterdam 2019, which will take place on Saturday April 6 at Amsterdam’s Westergasfabriek.

The meeting place for expats and local businesses
The IamExpat Fair is designed to support internationals in the Netherlands, providing them with everything they need in one location, on one day!

Running from 10am to 5pm in the Zuiveringshal West at Westergasfabriek, this free single-day event will host stands from dozens of companies and organisations working in housing, careers, education, expat services, health & leisure and family needs.

Free workshops and presentations will be happening throughout the day at Het Ketelhuis, North Sea Jazz Club and the Werkkamer.

At the IamExpat Fair in Amsterdam you can:
– Get assistance to find a rental property or understand Dutch mortgages
– Meet with recruiters and companies that are hiring
– Attend workshops about living and working in the Netherlands
– Learn about advancing your career through professional development
– Benefit from many special offers
– Find local health and lifestyle organisations
– Bring the whole family; there’s a play space for kids provided by Hestia Kinderopvang
– Connect with like-minded locals and expats from around the world

Sponsors of the IamExpat Fair Amsterdam 2018 include:
ABN AMRO International Clients, Booking.com, Nyenrode Business University, Expat Mortgages, UvA Talen, Lassus Tandartsen, Projob, Poundwise and Voorma & Millenaar.

International Kids Festival @ amsterdamse bos
International Kids Festival @ Amsterdamse Bos

International Kids Festival – July 13th & 14th
12:00 Amsterdamse Bos
Kids just wanna have fun! Joina weekend of fun for the whole family. This is the largest international kids festival in The Netherlands so you and your little ones will surely have a blast. A sneak peak of available activities:

Kids music
Kids DJ workshop
Blow up castles 🏰
Face paint
Kids Yoga workshop🧘🏻‍♂️
Photo booth
Healthy food🍉🥑
Kids clothes
Silent disco
Dancing workshop💃🏼
More to come!

For questions, inquiries or sponsorship please mail info.IKFA@gmail.com